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D.C. Birth Trauma Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Woman holding stomach in pain birth trauma medical malpractice lawyer Washington, DCDespite advances in medical knowledge and technology, trauma, injury and accidental birth related medical malpractice errors are common, and many people find themselves in the need of a good birth trauma medical malpractice lawyer Washington, DC that birth trauma victims can rely on.

Legal compensation may be available if you or a loved one has gone through the horrific experience of trauma related to birth malpractice. If you have gone through this trying experience of having birth related medical malpractice, please call an experienced birth trauma medical malpractice lawyer at Cohen & Cohen in Washington, DC.

During the course of a pregnancy and throughout labor, there are factors that could indicate to the medical staff that injury is imminent to a mother and/or the baby she is carrying. For several reasons, including those related to insufficient attention paid to the needs of the mother or the baby, whether it is due to negligence or a lack of training on the part of the medical team in charge, the birth process could be a difficult and traumatic one. If you or a loved one has gone through the pain and suffering that goes along with a procedure that went wrong during labor or during the course of the pregnancy, please contact our team of medical malpractice lawyers in Washington DC.

Common birth traumas occur when forceps are required to facilitate delivery during a difficult labor. Improper use of forceps can lead to birth defects that affect the quality of life of both the child and those who love it. These injuries can severely affect the mobility and degree of freedom a baby and/or the mother have. Birth trauma injuries can lead to an infant requiring the need for constant care both when they are young and as they grow older. If such an event has created the horrific situation where you or a loved one has suffered because of a birth trauma, it may be in your best interest to contact an experienced birth trauma team of Washington DC medical malpractice lawyers as soon as possible.

Cerebral palsy, hypoxia and erb’s palsy are just a few of the complications that may arise from a baby receiving negligent or substandard medical care due to human error. If you or a loved one is suffering from the after effects of such an event, you need not go it alone. Help may be at hand to provide you with guidance that comes from lawyers with years of experience handling the complex field of birth trauma medical malpractice in Washington, DC.

Injuries resulting from a cesarean birth may leave long lasting scars, both physical and emotional. They may also limit a mother’s ability to function. This can lead to increased pain and suffering. If you have suffered through this tragic set of events, call the capable team  of Washington DC lawyers at Cohen & Cohen who have experience with helping people with their birth trauma medical malpractice cases.

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