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Zantac Recall Lawyer Virginia

Zantac Recall Lawyer VirginiaZantac Recall Lawyer in Virginia

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer after taking the heartburn medication Zantac (ranitidine), a good Zantac recall lawyer Virginia Zantac victims recommend, may be able to help you to seek compensation from the negligent drug manufacturers who made this dangerous medication available without warning consumers about its potentially harmful side effects that they allegedly were aware of.

Zantac and Personal Injury Claims

When someone is injured in the United States because of a person or entity’s negligence, recklessness or malice, they, and oftentimes their family, may be entitled to compensation from the person or entity that caused them harm. In legal speak, a personal injury is a term that is used for when someone becomes physically or psychologically injured or ill because of the aforementioned. In this regard, even though the cancer that may be linked to Zantac use is an illness, it would still be considered a personal injury when it comes to making a legal claim and case against the manufacturer that made this potentially harmful medication available to the public without sufficient warning of the dangers that come along with taking it.

Zantac | Ranitidine

Zantac, fast became a very popular prescription medication when it first came out in the early 1980s. Its popularity continued to increase when it became available in its generic form, ranitidine, as well as available as and over the counter medication. It is used to relieve heartburn, acid reflux, and many other issues related to producing too much stomach acid. It is also used as a supplement for allergy treatments.

As Zantac’s popularity made it the first drug to gross $1 billion in sales, the drug’s manufacturers’ allegedly knew about drug’s potential to cause cancer and failed to sufficiently warn consumers.

If you or someone you love is one of the many unfortunate people that chose to take Zantac but may not have if you had known about its potential for causing cancer, a good Zantac recall lawyer in Virginia may be able to help.

FDA Recall

In April of 2020, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requested that all manufacturers of Zantac, Zantac OTC, and generic versions of it, ranitidine, to withdraw these potentially harmful drugs from the market. They had determined that when ranitidine that has N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) in it is stored at above room temperatures, the level of NDMA can increase to unacceptable levels and be harmful to its users.

The FDA, along with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the World Health Organisation (WHO), classifies NDMA as a cancer-causing substance.

Zantac Lawsuits

Many people across the United States who have suffered from a cancer that can be linked to taking Zantac, have filed personal lawsuits against the big pharma companies that made this potentially harmful drug available to innocent people like themselves.

If you or someone you love has been a victim of cancer that may be linked to Zantac, contact a good Zantac recall lawyer Virginia is fortunate to have in its midst, at Cohen & Cohen.

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