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Wrongful Death Lawyer PG County

When You Need a Wrongful Death Lawyer PG County Families Turn to for Help

Wrongful Death Lawyer PG CountyWhen you need a wrongful death lawyer PG County families have successfully turned to for help, consider Cohen & Cohen, P.C. Attorneys. Our team of lawyers has long pursued justice on behalf of our clients, which has resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars and the peace of mind.

What is Wrongful Death?

If a person passes as a result of negligence or the willful action of another person or company, this is considered a wrongful death. In the U.S. justice system, it is completely legal for wrongful death lawyer in PG County to bring suit against someone in a civil case even though that person was found not guilty of murder in a criminal trial. In some cases, this may be the only recourse for the family of those victims who feel they were not properly given justice.

Basic Factors in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

For a wrongful death lawsuit to proceed, certain requirements need to be met. They include:

  1. A death was caused by someone else; either intentionally or because of someone’s negligent actions.
  2. The survival of family members who are suffering monetary injury as a result of the death.
  3. Someone has been officially appointed to represent the deceased victim. This can include the executor of that person’s will or a person appointed by the court to represent the deceased. A wrongful death lawyer PG County recognizes as an official member of the court, like an attorney with Cohen & Cohen, may be able to explain how this applies to your potential lawsuit.

How Damages are Assessed in a Wrongful Death Suit

Because this is only a brief overview, it is important to discuss your particular circumstances with a PG County wrongful death lawyer. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of damages that can be sought in a wrongful death suit:

  1. “Pecuniary injuries” is the term used to describe the financial gap caused by a person’s passing. That may include the amount of income that person would have earned if they had not died. It may also include medical expenses and funeral costs. A wrongful death lawyer PG County courts have awarded damages to can discuss in detail what you might expect in terms of a financial settlement.
  2. “Punitive damages” are awarded in some cases when it is has been established that the person responsible for causing the wrongful death was particularly malicious or willfully negligent. Because punitive damages have special requirements, it may be best to consult with a wrongful death lawyer PG County trusts to determine if they are applicable for your lawsuit.

Contact A Wrongful Death Lawyer PG County Trusts

In times like this, emotions can be difficult to manage. Relying on a lawyer to oversee the details and complexities often involved in a lawsuit can help take some of the added burden so you can focus on what really matters. When you need a wrongful death lawyer PG County families turn to for help, call us at Cohen & Cohen to request a free no-obligation consultation.

Wrongful Death Lawyer PG County
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