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Workers Compensation Lawyer District Heights MD

When you’ve been injured on the job, it may be a smart choice to get advice from a workers compensation lawyer District Heights MD offers. Cohen & Cohen is a dedicated law firm with decades of experience. Using our vast knowledge and zeal for justice, we aim to facilitate a smooth process to get you recompense in a timely manner. Commended for being a law firm that truly cares about each client, Cohen & Cohen is ready to discuss your individual claim during an initial consultation.

What a Workers Compensation Lawyer in District Heights MD May Do For You

Technically, you can file your own claim without any legal counsel. However, if your claim is less than straightforward, various obstacles and delays might arise.  A lawyer may help to identify any potential hurdles and find the solutions you need to get compensation as quickly as possible. The services of a workers compensation lawyer District Heights MD provides may include:

  • Assess your claim and any relevant evidence
  • File your worker compensation claim
  • Help you to get you secondary medical opinions
  • Appeal a workers comp denial
  • Discuss possible legal options that are relevant to your claim

If you would like to speak with a workers compensation lawyer in District Heights MD, please call Cohen & Cohen today at 301-250-1957.

When to Call a District Heights MD Workers Compensation Lawyer

Contacting a lawyer to get workers comp might seem like a big decision and might provoke a number of mixed emotions. You may have concerns about the legal fees or backlash from your employer. As disgruntling as these concerns might be, it is generally in your best interest to find out what a workers compensation lawyer District Heights MD trusts has to say.

All workers comp claims must adhere to a statute of limitations. Apart from this deadline to file a claim, you may be pressured into negotiating a settlement that is lower than what you rightfully deserve. Should your claim be of significant value or consist of intricate complexities, you may find yourself experiencing further problems from the defending party and/or insurance provider. A workers compensation lawyer District Heights MD respects can listen to what you have to say and may provide you with advice on how best to approach your legal matter.

Getting Maximum Workers Compensation

One of the biggest risks of filing your own claim is getting less than what you deserve. A lawyer understands the tactics of insurers that might be used against you in order to reduce the monetary amount of compensation. With this in mind, your claim may be built with the strongest defense possible. You may be able to collect compensation for the following damages:

  • Past, present, and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • Temporary, partial, or full disability
  • Financial losses from the inability to work
  • Wrongful death (may include a separate claim)

Cohen & Cohen: A District Heights Law Firm On Your Side

Regardless of your injury or illnesses caused by your job, lawyers at Cohen & Cohen are prepared to listen to what you have to say. For a consultation with a workers compensation lawyer District Heights MD has to offer, please call 301-250-1957.

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