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Workers Comp Lawyer Baltimore MD

Date22 Jun 2021

What Is a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

No matter how safe your work environment, injuries and accidents can still happen on the job. When they do, workers’ compensation helps employees get back on track with benefits that support their recovery. A workers’ compensation claim is what an employee can file to receive compensation for financial losses related to the injury. If you were injured at work, look for a Workers Comp Lawyer Baltimore MD to help you file your claim. 

Keep reading to learn more about what workers’ compensation insurance covers, what the claims process is like and if you are eligible.


Workers’ compensation usually covers four general categories of financial loss:

  • Medical costs
  • Salaries
  • Care costs
  • Funeral costs

You can make a claim depending on your injury and the type of loss you incur because of it. Most injuries come with some medical expenses, so you can include all your medical bills in the claim. If you missed a good chunk of work over a period of time, you can claim the wages you should have made. Any out-of-pocket expenses related to continuous care after the accident can be estimated and factored into your claim. Finally, workers’ compensation can cover funeral costs for your family in the case of death caused by the accident.


The process to file a workers’ compensation claim is fairly straightforward, but you must be sure to follow all the steps if you want to reach a good settlement at the end. First, tell your employer about the accident and injury right away. They can inform their insurance about the incident and get you the right paperwork to start filling out. When you return it to them, they can go ahead and file the claim and report the injury to the right people based on state laws.


workers comp lawyer Baltimore MDWhile workers’ compensation generally covers most injuries at work, there are some exceptions. If you were roughhousing, started a fight with another employee or were acting negligently and ignoring company safety guidelines, you don’t have the right to file a claim. You must be an employee of the company (not a contractor) to benefit from their insurance plan. The injury must also happen at work or while you are completing a work-related errand.

Filing a claim should be easy, but you can still run into trouble during the process. If your employer refuses to acknowledge the injury, contact a Workers Comp Lawyer Baltimore MD right away to see what can be done. Workers’ compensation usually prevents employees from suing their employers, but you may need to take legal action if your rights are being infringed upon.

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