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Woman Sues ICE for Intimidation and Rape

Date24 Oct 2019

Woman Sues ICE for Intimidation and RapeA woman identified as Jane Doe has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, alleging that an ICE agent threatened her with deportation and death and sexually assaulted her for several years.

According to the lawsuit, Doe, who is originally from Honduras and living illegally in Connecticut, first met ICE agent Wilfredo Rodriguez in 2006 after her brother was arrested for entering the U.S. illegally. It was soon discovered that Doe was also living in the country illegally.

Doe alleges that she had to become an informant and help the agency locate criminals ripe for deportation to avoid being deported herself. She said she complied and told immigration officials about three men living in the country illegally who stabbed her husband.

Plaintiff Doe says that Rodgriguez attempted to have sex with her in 2017 but when she refused, he covered her mouth, tossed her on the bed, put his gun next to her and threatened to use the gun if she opened her mouth. She claims he then raped her.

The suit additionally claims that Rodriguez forced the woman to perform oral sex on him and participate in “abhorrent sexual behavior.”

Doe alleges that she got pregnant by Rodriguez three times. She had an abortion every time and Rodriguez paid for one of them.

Doe also says that she tried to kill herself four times. She came forward with her allegations against in 2018 after her father applied for asylum and another agent approached her.

“She remains in a very fragile psychological state,” her lawyer George Kramer said. “She is not only seeking compensation for the physical and emotional damage she suffered but to change the way those who are cooperating with ICE are treated by those in a position of power and who often wield total control over the ability to remain in the United States.”

Doe is seeking $10 million in damages from the lawsuit.


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