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Woman Injured from Lime Scooter Files Lawsuit

Date23 Sep 2019

Woman Injured from Lime Scooter Files LawsuitPaula Speer has filed filed a lawsuit against Neutron Holdings, Ninebot and Segway after she suffered a traumatic brain injury and other injuries when she was thrown off a Lime scooter on June 14.

Speer said that she doesn’t have memority of it, but knows what happened. She claims she hit her head on the road when she was thrown off from the scooter.

Although the Lime user agreement said that riders should wear helmets, Speer said that she didn’t see the agreement because she was sharing a scooter with friends.

“They don’t provide helmets at all,” said Paula’s husband, Leonard Speer. “It was life-changing what happened.”

Because of the accident, Speer can no longer spell, read or drive.

“What happened could happen to anybody of any age, and we just want people to be aware so this same thing doesn’t happen to someone else,” Speer said.

The lawsuit argues that the scooters have defects, such as the sticking of the accelerator, small wheels, unstable center of gravity and the dangerous operation of the brakes, which may have causedr Speer to be thrown forward and onto the pavement when she tried to stop the scooter.

“Paula Speer used the scooter precisely as it was intended to be used,” the lawsuit said. “Paula Speer did not sign a user agreement or any other documentation prior to using the scooter in question.”

Eric Pavlack, Speer’s lawyer, said that he wants other people to know what can actually happen on these scooters.

“No matter who you are or what your experience level is, they’re really wobbly,” Pavlack said. “They’re really unstable and just inherently dangerous.”

“To a casual rider of these scooters, they don’t understand the risk,” he added. “Lime is well aware of the risk. Riders like Mrs. Speer are not aware of the risk.”

Speer seeks a judgment to compensate her and her family for the losses and damages they have and will sustain from the scooter incident.


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