Why Do Motorcyclists Have to Be More Safe Than Other Drivers?

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Montgomery County MD mva lawyersMVA lawyers Bethesda, MD residents trust will likely inform you that motorcyclists get onto the road every single day, most with the understanding of the risks associated with this form of travel. While the risks of being involved in a tragic accident are higher for motorcycle riders, this fact should not cause a rider to abandon their bike entirely. It is crucial to a motorcyclist that he or she practices safety at all times when sharing the road with other drivers. Because riders do not have an exterior shell to help diminish the impact from being hit, they are at an increased vulnerability compared to other drivers.

Here in this article, mva lawyers from Bethesda, MD have answered a series of questions that a rider may have at some point during their riding experience. If you are ever hit by a car driver, you should always call 9-1-1 and request medical attention. In this a scenario, life-threatening injuries can happen and you should never get back onto your bike after such a collision.

What can a rider do to help prevent from being hit by a car?

It is unfortunate that not all car drivers can be trusted to act respectfully in the presence of motorcyclists. Some drivers do not watch out for those riding motorcycles at all, and are putting both themselves and the rider at risk as a result of this negligence. In order to help prevent from being struck by a car, MVA lawyers in Bethesda, MD recommend that a motorcyclist should follow these safety suggestions:

  1. Always be alert and fully awake before going for a ride. Never operate your bike when you are not feeling at your best.
  2. Slow down before an intersection, as a car driver may have just ran a red light or made a turn without looking for motorcyclists passing through first.
  3. Never assume that a car driver sees you before going through an intersection, stopping, making a turn or performing another action while on the road.
  4. If a car near you is speeding or following closely behind, move over to the side and let this person pass. MVA lawyers in Bethesda, MD will likely tell you that — based on many cases — the car driver may be frustrated and in a rush, so letting them go ahead can help prevent from being injured due to their reckless behavior.

What should I do if a car does actually hit me while on my motorcycle?

If you ever get hit by a car, you should get medical attention right away and request law enforcement. The car driver should be held responsible for their actions and should never be permitted to leave without talking with an officer first. Have the officer take a statement from you about how the accident happened so the details are in an official record. If you decide to sue the driver who hit you, documents that prove how the collision happened can benefit your case. Also, keep a record of all medical bills and motorcycle damages you endured, in the event you decide to seek compensation for these losses. MVA lawyers Bethesda, MD residents rely on can meet with you and help you decide whether to take legal action or not.

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