Why are neglect and abuse common in the nursing home setting?

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Why are neglect and abuse common in the nursing home settingAccording to an experienced Bethesda, MD nursing home lawyer, the most common type of abuse in nursing homes is neglect which can be easy for workers since many elder are too old to defend themselves or fight for their rights.

Difference between nursing home neglect and abuse

Nursing home neglect and abuse are very similar however they are not the same.

  • Nursing home neglect – a form of substandard care (meaning not enough attention or help is given)
  • Nursing home abuse – The caregiver intentionally harmed the elder.

Types of nursing home neglect

There are various types of nursing home neglect. According to  a Bethesda, MD nursing home lawyer, here are the most common types of nursing home neglect. It may not always look the way you would imagine.

  • Medical Neglect – When the nursing home does not adequate provide for each elders medical conditions or issues.
  • Neglect of Basic Needs – When the nursing home does not provide enough of everyday needs like food and water.
  • Neglect of personal Hygiene – When residents do not have enough chances or assistance in staying clean
  • Social or Emotional Neglect – When staff members either ignore residents or yell a them

Elder abuse

Elder abuse in simple terms is harm to an older person. This can involve a multitude of things, according to a  Bethesda, MD nursing home lawyer. Below, some are listed.

  • Physical abuse– physical pain or injury on a vulnerable elder, or depriving them of their basic needs
  • Sexual abuse – a non-consensual sexual contact of any kind.
  • Emotional or psychological abuse – mental or emotional distress through verbal or nonverbal acts on an elder person
  • Financial or material exploitation – illegal taking, misuse, or concealment of funds, property, or assets of a vulnerable elder
  • Neglect – the refusal or failure to provide food, shelter, health care, or protection for a vulnerable elder
  • Self-neglect – the behavior of an elderly person that threatens their own health or safety
  • Abandonment – leaving a vulnerable elder when you should be incharge of care or custody of that person.

Warning Signs of Nursing Facility Neglect

A good Bethesda, MD nursing home lawyer will inform you that warning signs of nursing home abuse or neglect can be very subtle. It is important to look out of any changes of your loved ones to make sure they are not a victim.  Many elderly people are hesitant or scared to report abuse situations involving their nursing homes and don’t want to risk getting in trouble.

It is important to look out for:

  • Unexplained bruises, cuts, burns, sprains, or fractures
  • Unexplained venereal disease or genital infections, vaginal or anal bleeding
  • Frozen joints
  • Bed sores
  • Bloody clothing
  • Sudden changes in behavior
  • Staff refusing to allow visitors to see resident or delays in allowing visitors to see resident
  • Staff members not allowing residents to be alone with visitors
  • Loss of possessions
  • Large withdrawals from bank accounts
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dehydration

Common Nursing Facility Problems

As a skilled  Bethesda, MD nursing home lawyer will tell you, some reasons neglect and abuse are common in nursing homes is because of poorly trained and unqualified staff or an inadequate numbers of staff. Additionally residents are often scared or reluctant to report abuse because they are embarrassed or sacred. Many residents in nursing homes are not able to communicate properly due to their physical or mental state.

Additionally elders in nursing homes are often times not in the best health conditions meaning they cannot provide for themselves or defend themselves.

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