Who Should You Call After a Bicycle Crash with a Motor Vehicle?

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District Heights MD bicycle accident lawyersIf you frequently ride your bicycle on the road whether commuting or for fun, District Heights, MD bicycle accident lawyers will strongly suggest that you should take your time to prepare yourself for what could happen in the event of a crash. Although you may be an excellent rider and the possibility of a crash may seem remote, it happens more often than you think. Being prepared can help you make the best of a terrible situation and can also help you preserve any legal claim you have against the motor vehicle operator if you are injured or if your bike is damaged. Here are a few simple tips to get you started regarding who to call after a crash with a motor vehicle:


  • Call 9-1-1. Your first call after a crash should be to 9-1-1. Explain what happened to the operator and request police assistance. Make sure you also request any emergency medical care that you need. District Heights, MD bicycle accident lawyers will also recommend that if you are not able to call 9-1-1, ask a bystander or the motorist to make the call. Do not be persuaded by a driver who says they will pay for the damage to you or your bike in exchange for not calling the police. It is important to have an officer come to the scene and document the incident in a formal report. Make sure you stay on the scene until the officer arrives, unless a medical condition necessitates you going directly to the hospital instead. Give your statement to the police officer and request the officer’s name so that you can contact him or her in the future.
  • Call Your Insurance Company. District Heights, MD bicycle accident lawyers may also ask you to consider making a call to either your health insurance or to any insurer you have that may cover the damage to your bicycle. Get the insurance information from the driver and give that to your provider. Do not “settle” a claim with the driver or any insurer until talking with an attorney (see step three). If you receive medical treatment for injuries sustained during the crash, keep all records and receipts. If possible, keep your bicycle in the crashed condition to use as evidence but, if you must get the bicycle repaired, keep all receipts associated with the cost of the repair.
  • Call an Attorney. Soon after the dust has settled, strongly consider reaching out to District Heights, MD bicycle accident lawyers who specialize in personal injury bike crash law. A qualified and experienced attorney can help you determine the next steps that you need to take to preserve and file a legal claim against a driver. An attorney can also help you consider the value of your claim and negotiate a settlement with the driver or the driver’s insurance company. If negotiations fail, your attorney can be your advocate in court. It is important to hire an attorney who has considerable experience with bike crash law, because he or she will be familiar with the local traffic rules and regulations that will affect your case.


The most important thing to remember is to stay calm after a crash and stick to your plan. Resist discussing the crash with the driver or any bystanders. Make the calls and you will be on your way to getting the help you need.

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