Who are the best lawyers in Washington, DC?

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Who are the best lawyers in Washington, DC?

Who are the best lawyers in Washington, DC? - man and woman meeting with man in suitIf you are looking for Who are the best lawyers in Washington DC?, you can find your answer at Cohen & Cohen There is a good chance that you or someone you care about needs legal help from a legal team that is reliable, trustworthy, pleasant to work with, and one that fights fiercely for the rights of the their clients. It is important to find highly rated lawyers who have a track record of successfully defending their client’s rights.

How do you determine who are the best lawyers in Washington, DC?

There are many different factors that can go into determining who the best lawyers for you and your particular situation will be. In brief, some of these include:

  • Location While much of a lawyer’s work can be done without being in the physical presence of their clients, some of it cannot. While traveling is not a problem for some lawyers and some clients, many do not have the time and resources to do this any time laywers and clients need to meet. Because of this, many people prefer to have a lawyer on their side who is located near where they live and/or work.
  • Jurisdiction Depending on your situation, many areas of law are covered by state and local jurisdictions. This is why many people recommend looking for who are the best lawyers in Washington, DC or in the jurisdiction where your need for a lawyer began.
  • Ratings, Reviews, Awards & Accolades Lawyers are reviewed and rated by professional and non-profit organizations, peers, former and current clients, and by the media. There are many different awards of varying prestige to identify when looking for who are the best lawyers in the Washington, DC community and its surrounding areas.
  • Word of Mouth and Reputation It is a good idea to ask family and friends if they know, or know anyone who knows, lawyers who specialize in the kind of law you need help with. Ask people who you know and who you feel are trustworthy and smart, if they can help you find a lawyer who is right for you.
  • Be Careful Even though it is a good idea to ask people who you know and trust for help with legal problems, be very wary of doing this with anyone who may jeopardize some or all of your case by sharing the information you share with others. An example of this is if you have a dispute with your employer, typically, you should not discuss your situation with co-workers.
  • Social Media and Legal Issues It is usually a good idea to keep any and all information about legal problems off of social media and the Internet at large. This information may be used against you by the opposing side in your legal issue.

Social Media Use and Your Case

No matter how tempting it is to post about your recent accident on social media for friends and family to see, it’s best to refrain from doing so. A judge may view any positive emotions that you share during this time to mean you are not struggling as much as you so claim with trauma or injury. Avoid checking in to places that you visit, and if you want to update your loved ones about what has happened then talk to them on the phone or speak in private. You must consult with your personal injury lawyer before going about your normal social media habits.

Before the explosion of social media use, a lawyer would have warned clients about private investigators as surveillance that may be hired by the opposing party and his or her legal team. But now that social media has a way of showcasing daily activities, it’s much easier and accessible to get information. Evidence shared on social media can be the deciding factor when it comes to how much is awarded in financial compensation. You must be wary of any kind of social media use until your case has concluded.

You may think that your social media account is private, but it is not. Don’t assume that just because your account is set to private that outsiders are not able to view your posts somehow. If the other party is dedicated to gathering evidence that supports their side of the story, and tarnishing yours, there are means to getting everything you’ve shared on the social media platforms. Here are tips to consider while your personal injury case is proceeding on:

  • Deactivate or halt using social media altogether
  • Archive content of current accounts
  • Edit your friends list and block certain people if needed
  • Update privacy settings to most protected level
  • Untag photos of yourself other than business headshots
  • Don’t send messages to anyone about your case except your lawyer
  • Don’t post in web group chats or website discussions
  • Preserve your gadgets, such as cell phone, tablet, and computer 
  • Be cautious of how your posts may be perceived 

Keep in mind that social media is not the only technology that could become evidence. Data from your Alexa, Echo, and Fitbit may be admissible in court. Information obtained from these devices can show your physical activity level levels, voice recordings, and more.

There are many other ways to try to help yourself find the best lawyers for your particular situation. When you are looking for Who are the best Washington, DC lawyers, the team at Cohen & Cohen may be able to help you by discussing your situation and giving you a free case evaluation.

Qualities of the Best Lawyers

If you are wondering who are the best lawyers in Washington, D.C., you are not alone. If you know the specific qualities to look for, you can find a suitable lawyer to assist you with your legal case. Here are several qualities of the best lawyers.

  • Excellent Communication Skills. Lawyers do a great deal of communicating with clients, judges and other court personnel. As such, they need to possess excellent communications skills. The lawyer you choose should be able to explain complicated legal terminology in language that you can clearly understand. You should not be left with any questions.
  • Compassionate. Whether you have a criminal or civil case, dealing with the legal system can be overwhelming and stressful. That is why it is important to have a compassionate lawyer by your side. Your lawyer should understand that you may be under a great deal of stress and offer words of encouragement. 
  • Good Listening Skills. Lawyers have to do their fair share of listening. They have to listen to their clients, witnesses and opposing counsel. A successful lawyer will carefully listen to what you have to say and ask questions if clarification is needed. A lawyer who has the ability to listen attentively may help you reach a successful outcome in your case.
  • Persuasive. Persuasion is an important skill your lawyer should have. After all, your lawyer may have to convince the court of your position. If your lawyer is persuasive enough, the court may accept your lawyer’s argument.
  • Organized. Lawyers often have to juggle many tasks on a daily basis, including completing paperwork, making phone calls and meeting with clients. They must have good organizational skills to complete these tasks in a timely manner and not make any mistakes.
  • Persistent. A lawyer can’t be successful without a persistent attitude. He or she shouldn’t just give up after hearing the first “no.” You want to work with a lawyer who will keep fighting for you until the end.
  • Creative. When many people think of lawyers, they probably do not imagine them to be creative. However, the most successful lawyers are creative. After all, the law is not just science. They have to be able to think outside the box sometimes to solve roadblocks in their cases.

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