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When Your Child was the Victim of a PG County Auto Accident

When Your Child was the Victim of a PG County Auto Accident

When Your Child was the Victim of a PG County Auto AccidentIf your child has been injured in a PG County auto accident, you are probably looking for the best auto accident attorney PG County parents of accident victims can recommend.

A parent’s worst nightmare is their child suffering a serious injury. Contacting an auto accident lawyer after this happens is not typically on their wish list. At Cohen & Cohen, P.C., we understand this as we are parents too. Despite the stereotype that young drivers are irresponsible and dangerous, the fact is that they can be victims of accidents when other drivers are negligent or careless. In addition to suffering one or more serious injury, the young driver may not get the benefit of the doubt. This is unfair. Our auto accident lawyer can help them get the justice they deserve. Our auto accident lawyer can also help them get fair compensation for their damages which will enable you to get them the medical treatment they need.

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The Nature of auto Accident Injuries

Though young people generally recover more quickly than older people, this does not make their injuries any less serious. In fact, certain injuries can inhibit natural growth and cause a lifetime of pain. For instance, if your child suffered internal injuries, crushed vertebrae, or deep lacerations, their recovery could take a long time and they may suffer from permanent physical sautoring. They may also suffer from psychological injuries because of the horrific accident they experienced. The resulting post-traumatic stress disorder they develop may make it difficult if not impossible for them to get behind the wheel of a auto again. They may not even want to be a passenger. This can cause significant stress in their lives as they will have trouble commuting to school, work, and recreational events. Thankfully, receiving a substantial settlement can make it possible to pay for counseling which can help them heal. Our PG County auto accident lawyer can pursue an injury claim or a civil lawsuit to get your child the settlement they deserve, and hopefully, the best treatment that is available.

Establishing Liability

Because your young driver is probably not going to get the benefit of the doubt that they did not cause the accident, it is critical to work with a PG County auto accident lawyer who can best prove the other party is liable. Cohen & Cohen, P.C. does this with a mix of solid detective work, accident scene investigations, medical experts, eyewitness testimony, or any other available information and documentation. We understand what is necessary to establish unquestionable proof that our client is worthy of a substantial settlement in acknowledgement of how they suffered through no fault of their own. Call us to speak with our PG County auto accident lawyer about your child’s accident and how best to help them, at no expense to you for the initial consultation.

Protect Your Child’s Right to Compensation

In the immediate aftermath of an accident that severely injured your child, it can be difficult to consider the future. That said, it’s important to keep your receipts from medications and other costs associated with your child’s auto accident injury. Keep your medical bills and copies of your child’s medical records as well. It will be critical that your auto accident lawyer has access to this information in order to determine how much compensation to pursue on behalf of your child.

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