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When Workers Compensation Is Not Enough

Montgomery County, MD workers compensation lawyers have the answers

Montgomery County MD workers compensation lawyersIf you were injured on the job, Montgomery County, MD workers compensation lawyers may have already been told you that you are eligible to receive workers compensation benefits until you recover. However, as a workers compensation lawyer might also tell you, that’s not always good news. The reason for this is that workers compensation benefits are not always sufficient. If your workplace injury was relatively minor and you expect to return to work very soon, then workers compensation benefits will probably be adequate. What it often comes down to is the severity of your workplace injury and to what percent you will recover your health. Call a trusted law firm today if you sustained a serious injury while on the job. You can meet with Montgomery County, MD workers compensation lawyers from their legal team who can review your case at no charge to you. If you are unable to visit their office because your injury prevents it, some law firms can arrange to visit you at home or in the hospital.

Caps on Workers Compensation Benefits

Workers compensation benefits are provided by the employer’s insurance company. However, there are restrictions and limitations. When it comes to replacing your wages, you will receive less than you normally earn. In addition, the payments will run out after a certain number of days. Your workers compensation lawyer can provide you more details about these limitations as they pertain to the specifics of your case. As a general example, if you suffered a catastrophic workplace injury then you may not be fully recovered before your benefits run out. Montgomery County, MD workers compensation lawyers know all too well that if you never fully recover, your benefit payments will stop regardless.

Total Permanent Disability

There are varying degrees of workplace injuries and each falls into one of several categories. An injury of the greatest magnitude (short of death) is total permanent disability. If your physician determines that your injury is total and permanent, you will qualify for a certain amount of workers compensation benefits. However, that may not cover your ongoing medical treatment, medication, and loss of income for the rest of your life. A workers compensation lawyer may be able to change that. Skilled Montgomery County, MD workers compensation lawyers have had great success with submitting a personal injury claim against the employer and/or their insurance company to recover far more compensation for you.

Personal Injury Claim or a Civil Lawsuit

When you agree to accept workers compensation benefits, you lose your right to pursue alternate methods to get fair compensation using other means. This is why it’s important to contact a law firm immediately to talk to an experienced workers compensation lawyer. They can tell you if you might be better off pursuing a personal injury claim, with which we can assist you. After they submit your claim they will be prepared to negotiate with the insurance company to arrive at a settlement that will likely be higher than what was originally offered to you. If the insurance company refuses to cooperate, then Montgomery County, MD workers compensation lawyers from a firm will be prepared to escalate the claim to a lawsuit in an effort to gain you more compensation.

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