When Should You Call an Alexandria Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

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Alexandria, VA Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When Should You Call an Alexandria Bicycle Accident LawyerYou should call an Alexandria, VA bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible after a bike accident that occurs in Alexandria or for ones that occur in other parts of Virginia. It is especially important to do this if you or someone close to you has been injured in an accident and/or if the accident caused property damage. It is also important to do this in the event of a bicycle rider’s tragic death. The sooner you call a reputable personal injury lawyer who is experienced at successfully defending the rights of bicycle accident victims and their families, the sooner they may be able to start protecting your rights.

What rights do bicycle accident victims have?

One right bicycle accident victims have is to seek compensation for expenses related to their injuries and for property damage. In the horrible event that a loved one dies, their remaining family members may be able to seek compensation for expenses related to their accident and for their unfair loss. A good person to help you determine whether or not you have a case that is worth seeking compensation for in Alexandria is from a Virginia bicycle accident lawyer who is familiar with Alexandria courts and judges.

Even though there are many laws that are supposed to make our roads safe, and ones that say that other vehicles have to safely share these roads with bicycle riders, many bicycle riders get injured in accidents in Alexandria and throughout Virginia on a regular basis. When someone is injured in Virginia because of someone else’s negligence, they may be entitled to compensation.

A good place to start learning about the rights of bicycle accident victims is with a personal injury lawyer in Alexandria, VA (or one in the state where your accident occurred) who has a track record of successfully protecting their clients’ rights.

What is contributory negligence and does it apply to your Virginia bicycle accident?

A very basic summation of contributory negligence is that unless an accident was caused 100% by another party (or other parties) an injured person does not have a valid personal injury claim. In other words, if an injured person is found to have contributed to causing their accident in any way, they do not have a case.

Virginia is considered to be a “pure” contributory negligence state. While many states no longer have contributory negligence laws because they are considered to be antiquated and out dated, many of the ones that do have at least modified them to allow comparative negligence claims.

The contributory negligence laws in VA can make it difficult to prevail in bicycle accident cases, especially without the help of a dependable and knowledgeable Alexandria lawyer.

Do any law firms cover bicycle accident cases in more than one state near Virginia?

Cohen & Cohen has been protecting the rights of injured bicycle accident victims in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland for over 25 years. We offer free case evaluations without any obligations. If we do not have a lawyer who is especially suited to your particular case, we would like to try to help you find one who is.

For an Alexandria, VA bicycle accident lawyer with a track record of successfully defending the rights of bicycle accident victims and their families, contact Cohen & Cohen any time of the day or night, any day of the year.

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