When is it Time to Call a Frederick, MD Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

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Bicycle Accident Lawyer Frederick, MD

When is it Time to Call a Frederick, MD Bicycle Accident LawyerWhen you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a bicycle, it may be time to call a bicycle accident lawyer Frederick, MD bicycle accident victims can count on. The sooner you do this, the sooner your bicycle accident lawyer may be able to start protecting your rights. Whether you are able to do this in the minutes just following an accident or not until days or weeks later, the sooner you do this may make it easier for your lawyer to collect evidence and to find witnesses than if you wait any longer.

Won’t a bicycle accident lawyer cost money?

Different lawyers have different billing policies but many personal injury lawyers who handle bicycle accidents work on what is called a contingency basis. This means that an injured client does not have to pay the lawyer money upfront; rather the lawyer and client agree on a percentage of the client’s settlement or award that the lawyer will get if their side prevails.

In many ways, having the help of a Frederick, MD bicycle accident lawyer may ultimate wind up giving you money instead of taking it away. While some accident victims choose to file their own claim and to fight for their rights on their own, it is usually very difficult for individuals without resources, the education and experience of doing this on a regular basis, to do this. If you are not able to recover any money on your own, having a lawyer get a percentage of a settlement or award after doing all of the hard work you did not have to do, is usually compensation enough for most people.

Whether you are injured yourself or you are taking care of someone who is, or if you are grieving over the tragic loss of a loved one, you likely do not have the time, energy or resources to go up against difficult insurance companies on your own while also adhering to all of Maryland’s laws and deadlines for seeking compensation.

What if you were injured in an accident that was partially your fault?

While there are some states that do not allow injured people who contributed to the cause of their own injury to seek compensation, Maryland is not one of them. A good place to help you begin to determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation, based on the specifics of your particular Maryland accident, is with a reputable bicycle accident lawyer in Frederick, MD.  

Some personal injury law firms will give injured people free case evaluations to help them determine whether or not it is worth their time to pursue a claim for compensation. This can be a good time to discuss the fact that you think you are partially to blame for causing the bicycle accident you were in.

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