When an Accident with a Driver Under the Influence Warrants a DUI Lawyer

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DUI Lawyer Wheaton, MD

DUI lawyer Wheaton MDIf an irresponsible driver injures you through no fault of your own in Maryland, it may be in your best interest to discuss your rights with a DUI lawyer Wheaton, MD residents can rely on.

Those who go out or attend a celebration where alcohol is present, should have a backup plan already in place in case they end up having too much to drive home safely and legally. By already having made arrangements for a safe way home, it can help prevent someone from taking the risk of driving when they haven’t fully sobered up yet.

It is vital to the safety of yourself and others to never drive if in doubt. If you have to question yourself or ask another person if they think you are sober enough to drive, then you probably aren’t. Not only are there legal repercussions for drinking and driving, but mental consequences as well. If someone were to cause a tragic accident due to a misjudgement, this guilt can follow them for a long time to come.

If someone causes an accident that does injure others, the injured parties may be entitled to compensation with the help of a DUI lawyer from Wheaton or from the place in Maryland the accident happened.

We hear about drinking and driving accidents so often, that it has started to become a commonplace issue that we no longer are surprised by. When someone gets behind the wheel while under the influence, they could be greatly putting themselves and other drivers on the road at risk for injuries or worse.

Here in this article, we have delved a little further into the issue of drinking and driving, what it means to be charged with a DWI, and why you may want to meet with an attorney if you are ever involved in a drinking-related crash.

Why is it so hard for people to recognize when they shouldn’t be driving?

One of the main mental functions that can become impaired due to alcohol, is the inability to make sound judgements. Not only that, but someone who has alcohol in his or her system could also have decreased inhibition and a weakened sense of caution. With these few factors combined, it can be easy to see how a person’s assessment of their own condition can be so flawed. These are some of the many reasons there continues to be a need for a good DUI lawyer in Wheaton, MD.

What does it mean if a person is arrested for DWI?

The acronym DWI stands for driving while intoxicated or impaired. This refers to situations where a person drives and has either alcohol or another kind of drug in his or her system which has impaired the ability to drive in a safe manner. A key element to this type of charge in Maryland, is that the person driving could have a blood alcohol content (BAC) level that is below the legal limit and still be arrested. If an officer pulls over someone who they have determined to be unfit for driving due to a substance, a DWI charge may be used.

It is unfair that there are irresponsible and negligent drivers on the road that cause other people to be injured. One way of holding these people accountable is by making them liable for the injuries they caused, with the help of a DUI lawyer in Wheaton, MD who has a track record of successfully defending victims of DUI and DWI accidents.

What can I do if I was hit by an intoxicated driver, and can’t pay medical bills?

This is a frequent concern for those who were involved in a car crash that was not their fault but where they suffered such hefty medical costs that they cannot pay for expenses related to their injury. It can be a great resource to meet with an attorney about the crash in order to find out more about how to seek compensation from the intoxicated driver. You may be entitled to a monetary award in order to cover your medical expenses and other losses.

Many people find it easier and more efficient to seek compensation with the help of a lawyer who is experienced with the courts in the jurisdiction their accident occurred. For a highly rated DUI lawyer Wheaton, MD DUI accident victims and their families recommend, contact Cohen & Cohen for a free case evaluation.

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