When a DUI Leads to a Tragic Collision

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DUI lawyers Wheaton MDDUI lawyers Wheaton, MD residents trust know that the majority of drivers understand just how serious a DUI can be for themselves and others they may be sharing the road with. But, there is a small percentage of people who still believe they can drive just fine even while completely intoxicated. When people drink, they may not realize just how drunk they are until something horrible happens. Sadly, safe drivers can suffer the tragic consequences of those who operate their vehicles irresponsibly. In the article to follow, we have listed signs that a driver may be under the influence, and what your legal options are if you are the victim of a DUI collision.

How will I know if someone is driving while under the influence around me?

DUI lawyers in Wheaton, MD will likely tell you that while it can be difficult to know one hundred percent if a driver is drunk, there are telling signs you can watch out for as you go about your day. Even if someone is not committing any of the listed behaviors but your gut is telling you something is not right, you may want to follow that inclination. It is better to call the police and have the situation taken care of, than risk someone on the road becoming injured or deceased due to driving drunk. Some signs that may mean a driver is under the influence can include, according to DUI lawyers from Wheaton, MD:

  1. Slowly swaying between many lanes on either a street or highway
  2. Acting in a jerky and uncontrollable manner
  3. Almost hitting oncoming traffic but swerving back at the last second
  4. Either driving very slowly or very quickly
  5. Suddenly braking or accelerating, when neither is warranted

Why do people get behind the wheel at all if they have recently had drinks?

It is unfortunate that some drivers may still believe they can drive safely even while under the influence. Sadly, in many cases this flawed assumption is what contributes to the incidence of DUI crashes. People may have a hard time figuring out whether they are sober or still drunk after having a few drinks. DUI lawyers in Wheaton, MD will likely inform you that if a person has not gotten to know their body well enough to determine when they have had enough, they may also not be able to know whether they have reached a driveable state or not.  A person who is driving even while tipsy may still be at risk for an arrest, especially if he or she was operating the vehicle irresponsibly at the time.

What are my legal options if I get hit by a drunk driver?

If you or someone you care about has been hit by a drunk driver, you should call for police and an ambulance immediately. The officer can make an arrest if it is warranted, and you or the person you love can receive the medical care needed right away. Then, you can meet with an attorney about your legal options. Depending on the scenario of the crash, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the drunk driver in order to receive compensation for your medical expenses and other losses.

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