What’s the Difference Between a Maryland DWI Injury and a DUI Injury?

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An injury that occurs during an accident involving an impaired driver is often referred to as either a DWI or DUI injury that DWI lawyers Hillcrest Heights, MD DWI and DUI injury victims recommend, may be able to help you to deal with.

What is the difference between a DWI and DUI?

In Maryland, DWI stands for driving while impaired and DUI stands for driving under the influence. These are both criminal charges for driving while impaired by alcohol and/or drugs but a DWI is a lesser charge than a DUI. Some states do not differentiate between the two terms and use them interchangeably to indicate that someone has been driving with over the legal amount of alcohol in their system and/or under the influence of drugs, including illicit, prescription and over the counter medications.

People who are arrested on the suspicion of a DWI or a DUI typically face criminal charges. If someone is convicted of one these, it stays on their permanent, criminal record. If this person has injured someone else in a DWI or DUI accident, the victim typically has the right to file a civil claim for a personal injury with the help of a DWI lawyers who are licensed to practice in Hillcrest Heights and throughout MD.

What should you do if you have been injured in a DWI or DUI accident?

Seek Medical Attention If you have been injured in an accident caused by a negligent and intoxicated driver, if you have not already received emergency and/or other medical care you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. It is important to do this for your own well-being but also to have a record of your injuries.

Be sure to keep record of all doctor appointments, procedures, medications, etc., that are related to your accident. Your Hillcrest Heights, DWI lawyers may need to use this as evidence when trying to protect your rights by seeking compensation for your injuries.

Seek Legal Advice It is recommended that DWI accident victims seek legal advice as soon as possible after they have been injured in an accident. If you have expenses that are the result of an accident with a negligent DWI driver, you should not have to pay for these nor should any of your insurance companies. MD DWI lawyers can help typically help to protect the rights of injured people in Hillcrest Heights.

A good lawyer will have experience with knowing what sort of compensation a victim will need over their lifetime to ensure that they suffer as little as necessary in the long-term.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a DWI or DUI accident, it may be in your best interest to discuss your rights with a reliable personal injury lawyer who knows how to fight for the rights of DWI accident victims and their families.

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