What Will Happen if I Kill Someone in a Car Accident?

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How Frederick, MD car accident lawyers can help when a car crash leads to fatalities

Frederick MD Car Accident LawyersNobody expects to need Frederick, MD car accident lawyers after a car crash, especially not one that results in death. However, it is a common event in America, with about three collisions happening every single day. In 2016 alone, over a thousand individuals died in a car accident or as a result of one. In the majority of these instances, another human was at fault, not a natural disaster. If you were involved in a car accident and another individual was killed, you should seek advice and counsel from a wrongful death or personal injury attorney.

It is good to know all of your options, and all of the possible outcomes. Knowledgeable car accident lawyers in Frederick, MD will tell you that jail time is a big possibility, especially if you were driving while intoxicated or a passenger in the car of someone who was. Also, if anyone on your insurance policy gets in a car collision and someone is killed, you will be held liable. As an example, if your teenage son was texting while he was driving and hit another car, pushing it into an individual walking by and killing them, your insurance will cover the damages but you will be held accountable. It may go against his driver’s license and be place on his record, but you will have to pay for any damages that the insurance does not cover.  Frederick, MD car accident lawyers have years of experience fighting for the compensation victims deserve.

Typically, jail time only falls on those who caused an accident because they were intentionally disobeying traffic laws.There are two common scenarios associated with wrongful death car collisions:

  • The driver was obeying safety and traffic laws and regulations, but caused the horrific accident because they simply misjudged (or failed to see) the position of a car or pedestrian.
  • The driver was deliberately ignoring traffic regulations and caused a fatal accident as a result of this

It should come as no surprise that the second driver would have a heavier punishment than the first.

What if I am not Insured?

Unfortunately,  all Frederick, MD car accident lawyers will inform you that if you are not insured, then the wrongful death victim’s family can make an attempt at collecting compensation from you, and may even sue you. They may even try to seek compensation from things like your business, your boat, or even your home. Although many states require that drivers have insurance, some drivers do not follow the law. If you have a very good insurance company and policy, it should cover the expenses of the other drivers involved. This includes their medical bills and their car damages. This does not protect you against being sued for the wrongful death though, but if you are your insurance policy will help defend you against the claim.

If you choose to hire Frederick, MD car accident lawyers, you should contact them as soon as possible. This way you will give them ample time to prepare a defense in the event you are sued, cannot pay the entire amount of your uninsured accidents, or if you simply are just ill prepared. With Cohen & Cohen, you can rely on our diligence and experience to see your case through.

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