What Type of Motorcycle Accidents Result in Head Trauma?

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Motorcycle accident lawyers Gaithersburg MDMotorcycle accident lawyers Gaithersburg, MD residents count on know all too well that it’s not at all uncommon for motorcycle accident survivors to experience head trauma from their accidents. This can come with lifelong consequences. In some of the more severe cases, accident victims may even become incapacitated as a result. Knowing how things will shake out when you are powerless in making decisions can feel incredibly overwhelming.

Why is head trauma such a common injury in a motorcycle accident?

When you get on a motorcycle, there is virtually nothing to protect you from the impact of a collision. If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, the outlook may not be a good one. Motorcycle accident lawyers in Gaithersburg, MD will strongly recommended wearing a helmet, as it is one way of protecting your head in the event that you are in a car accident. Unfortunately, when a motorcyclist is hit by another vehicle, they may be thrown from theirs. Brain injuries are likely to occur as a result. A traumatic brain injury can range in severity from mild to severe, and can even result in death.

Can I be compensated for long term medical care through an insurance claim?

Yes. Your attorney can help by reviewing your case and the injuries you have obtained from the accident. They can work to prove that your injuries will require the need for long term medical care because of the accident. If you have experience severe head trauma, and survived, you may require intensive medical assistance on a daily basis. This can be costly. If someone else was at fault for the accident, you will surely want motorcycle accident lawyers in Gaithersburg, MD to advocate for compensation to help pay for future medical expenses.

Who will make decisions for me if I am unable to do so on my own?

It’s important that any motorcycle enthusiast take the time to appoint a conservator within a living trust. Although riding a motorcycle is a hobby enjoyed by many, there are a number of risks associated with engaging in this type of activity. By having a clear estate plan in the event of a tragedy, your family can feel prepared for who will make decisions regarding your affairs, including medical care. A guardian or conservator will be able to manage your life when you are unable to do so. They will have access to your finances to pay your expenses, make decisions regarding your medical care and take legal action to obtain compensation for the damages you have suffered. Motorcycle accident lawyers in Gaithersburg, MD will likely inform you that without a living trust in place, the courts may become involved in order to appoint a guardian to make decisions for you.

What is an advanced directive?

An advanced directive allows for you to outline your medical wishes in the event that you are unable to make decisions on your own. This will be a critical document, often included in a living will. Your family will look to this for details regarding the best way to move forward in the event tragedy strikes. It’s always a good idea to consult with an attorney and ensure that you have spoken with those you have identified as decision makers in your living trust.

Preventing mayhem by taking the time to plan your future can help both you and your family when faced with an accident. Motorcycle accident lawyers Gaithersburg, MD residents trust can ensure that you have identified someone to make decisions for you. They can also play an intricate role in helping to secure the compensation you are entitled to after a motorcycle accident.

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