What Should You do When You Are Injured in a Tysons, VA Bicycle Accident?

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Tysons, VA Bicycle Accident Lawyers

What Should You do When You Are Injured in a Tysons, VA Bicycle AccidentSomething that may be of great benefit when you are unfortunately injured in a Tysons, VA bicycle accident is the help of Tysons, VA bicycle accident lawyers. If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, it is already wrong that you are suffering. You and your family should not wind up suffering financially on top of this nor should you have to feel like you are in this alone.

One way that may help to protect your financial future and to help you feel like you have an ally in this difficult time is to enlist the help of personal injury lawyers who are familiar with what Tysons, VA bicycle accident victims go through in the aftermath of an accident.

Where in Virginia do bicycle accidents occur?

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents occur throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Bicycle enthusiasts flock to Virginia’s 100s of miles of bicycle friendly trails, people ride throughout the countryside for exercise and pleasure, and its cities and suburbs are full of cyclists commuting to school and work and to get around on errands, etc. And unfortunately, bicycle accidents happen in all of these places.

It is important to follow all safety rules and precautions when riding a bicycle but in the unfortunate event that even doing this does not prevent you from being injured in an accident, it may be time to discuss your situation with Tysons, VA personal injury lawyers who are experienced with successfully defending the rights of bicycle accident victims.

What is contributory negligence and how may it affect my bicycle accident case?

Contributory negligence is a doctrine that says if a person who is injured contributed to their injury in any way, even if it as little as 1%, they are legally barred from seeking compensation for expenses related to their accident.

Many people view contributory negligence laws as old fashioned and unfair to many types of injury victims. The majority of states follow what is called comparative negligence, where a victim’s degree of fault is deducted from the percentile of their recovery.

Even though bicycle riders over the age of 16 are not required by law to wear a helmet, it is still a good idea to do this. One reason is that statistics indicate that helmets save lives. Another reason is if you are unfortunately injured in an accident that is not your fault but you were not wearing a helmet, the defendant’s side can claim that your injuries themselves are your partially your fault for not fully trying to protect yourself.

Tysons, VA’s contributory negligence laws can make it difficult for bicycle accident victims to get the compensation they deserve without the help of lawyers who know how to protect the rights of injured people.

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