What Should You do After a Car Accident With a Negligent Frederick Driver?

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What Should You do After a Car Accident With a Negligent Frederick DriverOne of the things you should do after a car accident with a negligent driver is to contact car accident lawyers Frederick, MD car accident victims can rely on.

If you were just involved in a motor vehicle accident, we know you have a lot of questions running through your mind. How will I afford this? What am I going to do now? Cohen & Cohen has worked with many accident victims like you, and we understand what you should do, and also what not do, right after an accident.

Can I leave the scene of the accident?

No, you should not leave the scene of the accident. Stay put and call 911. Even if you are not hurt or have only minor injuries calling for help is key to documenting the accident.

Here’s what to assess:

  • Have you suffered any injuries?
  • Is anyone else hurt, including people in other vehicles?
  • Was property damaged?

Even if no one was hurt and even if there is no property damage, it will be necessary to have law enforcement document what happened. Responding officers will take statements from drivers and witness, diagram the area of the accident and issue citations if necessary.

Make note to request this law enforcement report at a later date. You’ll need this for your own personal records and to provide it to your insurance. Your Frederick, MD car accident lawyers may also need to use this as evidence for your claim.

Can I rely on police or the other driver to take photos?

No, don’t rely on anyone else to provide you documentation of what happened. If it’s safe for you to take photos of your own, it’s best to do so as soon after an accident as possible.

Make note of weather conditions at the time of the crash, as well as any relevant road conditions like construction or signage. Take photos of anything and everything, regardless of damage. You’ll want to be able to refer to the condition of both vehicles after the crash, so don’t just focus on your own. You should also take photos of the other vehicle. Walk around both vehicles and get photographs from every side. It’s not just about showing the damage, but also showing the areas not affected.

If you or anyone else suffered immediate and visible injuries, document them. When possible, it can be helpful to also take video footage of the injured person describing their injuries or pain as well as documenting any visible signs of injuries. Some injuries may not be visible right away but can have a lasting effect.

Once you have received medical care, you or a trusted family member or friend should contact personal injury car accident lawyers who are licensed to protect people in Frederick and throughout MD, to find out what your rights are.

What do I need from the other driver before they leave?

Before you both go your own way, it’s best to exchange contact information with the other party, including any passengers. You’ll want to share phone numbers, email addresses and insurance information. If there are any witnesses, get their contact information, too. Don’t rely on law enforcement to share this information with you later – make note while you have that person available to you.

If you are not at fault, do I still have to call my insurance company?

Yes. Even if you believe you are not at fault, you must call your insurance company. Insurance companies often determine which driver was at fault. The responding law enforcement may only summarize the events and issue any citations.

If you do not report the accident to your insurance provider, they could deny your claim.

Car accident lawyers who are familiar with Frederick, MD courts and judges are good people to seek legal advice from to guide what you on what you should and should not do after a car accident.

I know I’m at fault. Can I admit blame to have an easier experience?

No, never accept guilt or place blame on the other driver. Do not apologize or make accusations. Even a simple apology can be used later to show your guilt.

The insurance companies will determine the at fault driver. By placing or accepting blame, you could hurt your case if you pursue compensation or damages in the future.

My injuries are minor. Do I have to seek medical attention?

Yes. Whether your injuries are minor, or even if you don’t believe you were hurt at all, seek out a medical evaluation right away. Many times, car accident victims will not feel the extent of their injuries immediately. Waiting to see a doctor could result in your injuries being disputed. The car accident lawyers for the other driver may claim your injuries are not related to your Frederick, MD accident involving their client.

It was only a fender bender. Do I really need to get a lawyer?

Securing a trusted lawyer will not only provide you peace of mind, but also ensure you are on the best road to recovery. Without a lawyer looking out for your best interests, you could miss valuable information that could help your case and your recovery.

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