What Should I Know About Returning to Work after I Have Suffered a Work Injury?

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A skilled workers compensation lawyer Silver Springs, MD residents trust has the answers

workers compensation lawyer Silver Spring MDA skilled workers compensation lawyer Silver Springs, MD residents trust will tell you that when you have been injured on the job, you need to make sure that you take enough time to fully recover from your injuries before you go back to your regular work routine. It is important to work with your medical provider, following all of the advice and treatments they recommend in order to heal properly.

At some point, as long as your injury as not left you with a permanent disability, you will be ready to return to work. This is not always an easy process so it is important to adhere to the following suggestions by our workers compensation attorney in order not to jeopardize your health or your benefits.

Do not return to work until you are physically ready.

A workers compensation lawyer in Silver Springs, MD will likely inform you that many injured workers find it hard to not go to work every day. They find it difficult staying home and just resting per their doctor’s instructions. They may think they are more healed than they really are and be tempted to return to work before their doctor releases them, however, doing so can have disastrous consequences. Returning to work before you are healed can cause more damage to the injury which will mean an even longer recovery. It could also cause issues with your workers compensation claim as part of the process is that injured workers agree to follow the medical advice of their doctors.

Be honest with your employer.

When you are ready to return to work, after your doctor has signed a release for you to do so, be honest with your employer about any issues you may still be having. Any experienced workers compensation lawyer from Silver Springs, MD will advise that you let them know if there are any limitations that you may have that could interfere with your job duties. Your doctor may also stipulate in his or her written release about any limitations you may have.

Return to Work on a Part-Time Basis

When an injured worker first returns to work, it is not uncommon for their doctor to only allow them to return on a part-time basis. This allows the worker to gradually ease into the physical requirements of their job, especially if the injury was a serious one that required a long rehab and recovery time. In many cases, the worker will still be entitled to wage benefits to make up the difference between what their full-time salary would be and what they are receiving working full-time. A workers compensation lawyer in Silver Springs, MD may also tell you that this may not apply, however, if it is the employee making that decision and not the on orders of the doctor.

Check Vocational Rehabilitation

If your doctor has released you to go back to work but you are no longer able to perform the job you had before the accident, talk to your workers compensation attorney about what type of vocational rehabilitation benefits you may be eligible for. You will meet with a vocational counselor who will test and evaluate what type of skills and interest you have with different types of jobs you may be interested in and physically able to do. In many cases, the insurance company may be liable to pay for any training or education you may need for a new profession.

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