What Should I Do If I See a Drunk Driver?

Frequently Asked Questions

A DUI lawyer Greenbelt, MD residents trust gives you the answers

DUI lawyer Greenbelt MDAny DUI lawyer Greenbelt, MD residents count on will almost always tell you that if you are driving on the road and witness a person operating his or her vehicle in a threatening manner, do not be afraid to call the police. Many people can underestimate just how costly the decision to drive while under the influence can be. Not only is a drunk driver risking losing their life, but they can also bring down others with them in the event of a crash. At one point or another, a responsible driver may wonder what signs they can watch out for that may mean a driver on the road is under the influence of alcohol.

Why do people even drive drunk? Doesn’t everyone understand the risks?

According to an experienced DUI lawyer from Greenbelt, MD, sadly not all drivers truly understand just how tragic things can end if an accident were to happen due to being intoxicated. Those who are under the influence can have substantial function impairments which can greatly hinder their ability to drive properly. A person who is drunk can have a loss of fine motor coordination, inability to perform complex tasks, and a lowered sense of caution. With a lowered sense of caution, a driver may act in a more risky manner when on the road. A driver under the influence may not think they are doing anything wrong when tailgating, speeding, or cutting another driver off when changing lanes.

What are signs that a driver next to me is intoxicated?

An experienced DUI lawyer from Greenbelt, MD will tell you that if a driver near you is not operating his or her vehicle in a responsible way, calling the police may be the best choice regardless of if they end up being drunk or not. But, a driver that is under the influence may exhibit the following specific behaviors:

  • Gently swerving between lanes while on a multi-lane road or highway
  • Driving very quickly and sporadically, or slow and unwieldy
  • Braking and accelerating in an unpredictable way, even when unwarranted
  • Slowly heading towards oncoming traffic, but jerking back last second

What if I was hit by a drunk driver, and now cannot pay my medical bills?

When an innocent driver has been struck by a drunk driver, their injuries can be very serious and potentially life-threatening. Medical bills for an ambulance ride, emergency care, hospitalization, diagnostics and medications can add up quickly. If this applies to you, you may want to meet with a DUI lawyer in Greenbelt, MD as soon as possible about what your options are for justice. Depending on the circumstances of what happened that day, you may be able to file a lawsuit in order to pay off your medical bills.

What should I bring with me to my consultation with an attorney?

After scheduling an appointment with an attorney, many people may then wonder what they should bring along to the consultation. Here is a list of paperwork and information you may want to have ready during your meeting:

  1. Copies of medical bills
  2. Receipts for out-of-pocket expenses
  3. Doctor’s exams and diagnosis
  4. Details about any surgeries or procedures
  5. Pictures of the scene and/or your injuries
  6. Witness contacts who saw the crash happen
  7. Driver’s information and insurance company name

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