What Should I Do About an Injury or Illness Caused at Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

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workers compensation lawyers Silver Spring MDWorkers compensation lawyers Silver Spring, MD residents count on know all too well that those who have become injured or ill due to performing a work-related task or the environment itself, may be able to receive workers compensation benefits. The purpose of a workers compensation program is to provide medical care for employees who are harmed as a result of the job. Sadly, when employees do get hurt or sick, they may not approach their employer right away about what is going on. There may be a variety of reasons for this, that we will be explaining in further detail in the article here. Please read on to find out more information about workers compensation benefits, and when the help of workers compensation lawyers in Silver Spring, MD may be something to seriously consider.

Why don’t employees report incidents of illness or injury immediately?

Depending on the culture of the work environment, employees may not report accidents due to not wanting to appear weak to others. Coworkers may witness the injury happen, and simply tell the person to shrug it off. Another reason could be that perhaps the worker believed the injury was so mild that it would heal on its own, then came to find out it was something serious later.

It is crucial that work accidents are reported right away because an injury could be far worse than originally thought. Also, if something is broken or malfunctioning in the workplace and goes unreported, this means other employees could suffer the same fate.

What if I want to be evaluated by my own doctor?

Workers compensation lawyers in Silver Spring, MD will likely inform you that if you are injured while on the job, you may want to look into your workers compensation rights based on the state you live in. You may or may not be able to see your own physician regarding the work-related illness or injury. In some cases, you may have to see the work assigned doctor first, but then can get a second opinion from your own doctor afterwards. If you are unsure, you can inquire with your employer about the exact rules.

What if my supervisor turned in the workers compensation paperwork late?

Skilled and experienced workers compensation lawyers from Silver Spring, MD will inform you that an employee who does not submit their application for workers compensation benefits on time, are at risk for denial. If this happened to you but it was the fault of your supervisor or other staff, you may want to meet with an attorney. Unfortunately, in an attempt to save the company money a boss may intentionally handle your paperwork carelessly or try to discourage you from applying in the first place. Follow up with your supervisor regularly, and ask for updates on the status of your application.

What if I believe my workers comp paperwork was handled negligently?

If you feel that your workers compensation application was not handled in the way it should have, you may want to meet with workers compensation lawyers Silver Spring, MD residents trust for advice. It can be intimidating for some employees to approach their employer directly to complain about the perceived negligence. An attorney can offer guidance, in addition to helping you seek retribution for your employer acting irresponsibly when it came to your health.

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