What is The Biggest Danger to Bicyclists?

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Common Dangers to Bicyclists that Cause the Need for Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Tysons, VA

bicycle accident lawyer Tysons VAIf you or someone you love has been injured in a bicycle accident in Reston or anyplace else in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it may be in your best interest to discuss your rights with a bicycle accident lawyer Tysons, VA cyclists and their families can rely on.

Those who ride bicycles may choose to do this for leisure, transportation, exercise or even for sport. When bicyclists get out onto the road, they must be wary of all potential threats in order to help keeps themselves out of danger. A bicyclist must watch out for other pedestrians, the changing of street lights, debri in the road, and most of all, their biggest threat while on the street: motor vehicle drivers. Car drivers may be distracted, speeding, changing lanes abruptly, or otherwise driving without regard for others. To avoid the need for a bicycle accident lawyer in Tysons, VA, bicyclists must be aware and vigilant at all times.

In this article, we answer questions about why vehicles are the biggest danger to bicyclists, and how a rider can try to keep themselves from being hit while sharing the road. If you are ever struck by a car while on a bike, you should always seek medical attention right away.

What are the most common distractions for a car driver?

Those who get behind the wheel of a car may be distracted by a variety of things. Drivers may be on their cell phones either texting, making a call, sending an email or checking their social media. As a society, we have become more attached to our phones as this tool is a primary source of communication, information, directions and entertainment. Other types of distractions may including fidgeting with the radio, talking with a passenger, or daydreaming. These distractions and many others not mentioned here, often cause accidents that create a need for a bicycle accident lawyer in Tysons, VA who is experienced in successfully defending the rights of bicycle accident injury victims.

Unfortunately, bicyclists may suffer the consequences of such unsafe driving behavior. It can take a driver less than a second while looking at their phone, to completely miss a bicyclist which has turned onto the roadway. What may seem like an innocent brief moment on the phone, could be what causes a devastating collision.

What can a bicyclist do to help prevent being hit by a car while on the road?

Bicyclists should never assume that a car has seen them, and should try to make eye contact with drivers whenever possible. It is discouraging that respect and courtesy is not more common toward bicyclists. Many drivers may be frustrated by their presence, because it requires them to slow down and be more careful about their maneuvers. By being proactive, a bicyclist can help lessen their chances of being hit and hopefully, prevent the need for a Tysons, VA bicycle accident lawyer.

Here are a few key safety tips that a rider should consider before heading out for a ride:

  • Never ride outside during intense weather inclements
  • Wear brightly colored clothing, flashing lights & reflective gear
  • Purchase a helmet that fits you well and has no visible holes or cracks
  • Follow all traffic street lights & stop signs
  • Check that brakes work effectively & keeping hands near, in case an emergency halt is needed to avoid a threat or collision
  • Keep an eye out for cars that have recently parked, as the driver or passenger may open the door without looking
  • Learn hand signals & using them often while on the road to communicate with vehicle drivers
  • Only ride a bicycle that is well-fitted, where you do not have to stretch too far to reach the handles, and the seat does not rest up too high

There are many things bicycle riders can do to try to ensure their own safety but unfortunately, bicycle riders are injured in accidents on a fairly regular basis. When this happens, a law firm that has a track record of successfully defending accident victims and their rights may be able to help. For a bicycle accident lawyer Tysons, VA bicycle accident victims and their families can turn to for help after an accident, contact Cohen & Cohen any time of the day or night, any day of the year.

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