What Happens When You Sustain an Injury at a Public Park?

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What Happens When You Sustain an Injury at a Public ParkPersonal injury lawyers Frederick, MD residents trust understand that public parks are supposed to be safe and fun for the community at large. However, they may also contain hidden dangers: faulty equipment, debris hazards, and much more. If you were injured in a public park through no fault of your own, do you have legal recourse? An attorney may tell you that it’s a distinct possibility, depending on the circumstances. Determining who is responsible is part of the battle; collecting compensation from the responsible party is another critical part. When it comes to premises liability laws, an important part of the equation in this scenario is identifying the responsible party. Who oversees that particular park? Is it the municipality, the county, the state? Is it the federal government? These are questions to which personal injury lawyers in Frederick, MD should be experienced in answering. Important to note is that if it comes to a lawsuit, not every personal injury lawyer can litigate in all levels of government courtrooms. If you were injured in a public park and it was not your fault, call a law firm to learn how their personal injury lawyer may be able to help you recover your damages.

Common Hazards in Public Areas

Just as a homeowner is responsible for making sure their house is safe for guests to visit, a government entity that is in charge of a particular public space must make sure that space is safe for the public to access. If it is not safe, such as when construction or repairs are occurring, the hazards must be clearly marked and separated from the public using fencing or other reasonable means. Even when this is done, good personal injury lawyers in Frederick, MD will inform you that this does not guarantee that nobody will get hurt. Public areas are vulnerable to a wide range of potential hazards that may develop and a negligent overseer may not address them as warranted. Common examples of when a member of the public may be injured include:

  • Sharp objects left partially buried in sand or in seating areas. This includes broken glass, hypodermic needles, and other hazardous sharp items.
  • Broken walkways or stairs. Even a large crack can cause someone to trip and fall. An older person can sustain a life-ending fall and others are vulnerable as well.
  • Icy or water-pooled surfaces that cause someone to slip, or a pedestrian is hurt by a hazard they encounter while trying to avoid a dangerous area of the walkway.

Recoverable Damages

According to personal injury lawyers in Frederick, MD, after experiencing an accident in a public place, even when it was not their fault, many people literally pick themselves up and move on quickly out of embarrassment. Later, they may realize that they were injured more seriously than initially thought. At that point they believe it’s too late to do anything about it, and from whom could they seek reimbursement for their medical costs and lost wages? If this describes what happened to you, it is encouraged that you to contact a law firm to speak with a personal injury lawyer. The truth is, it may not be too late to recover your damages. The law firm you choose should offer victims a free consultation, so call one today to speak with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer.

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