What Does a Motorcyclist Passenger Need to Know?

Frequently Asked Questions

A skilled Montgomery County, MD motorcycle accident attorney has the answers you may need

Montgomery County MD Motorcycle Accident AttorneyAny Montgomery County, MD motorcycle accident attorney knows that many people choose to ride a motorcycle as means of alternative transportation, and as a great way to save money on gas. While there are multiple benefits to riding a motorcycle, but a rider must be aware of the potential risks too. It is true that a rider is significantly more likely to be involved in an accident, but this should not necessarily discourage someone completely from doing something they truly enjoy. But, it is important that a person takes all the safety precautions necessary to help lessen their chances of being hit by a car.

Once a rider has become confident in their skills when on a motorcycle, they may decide to invite another person along. Your passenger should be fully aware and prepared about what a ride entails. Here in the article to follow, a skilled Montgomery County, MD motorcycle accident attorney has gone into further depth about how to help get your passenger ready for the journey.

Are there any laws that I should be aware of before having a passenger?

Depending on the state you live in, there may be certain rules that you must abide by when taking a passenger. For example, your passenger may have to be of a certain age before he or she can legally ride with you. Also, you may have to obtain a motorcycle license, not just a permit, in order to lawfully have a passenger rider. You can look up laws that are specific for your state, to ensure you will not be breaking any laws when going for a ride.

What are some things I should communicate with the passenger?

An experienced Montgomery County, MD motorcycle accident attorney will advise that you talk openly with your loved one so they feel comfortable and confident about what the riding experience will be like for them. Inform this person of the rules they should follow to help make the trip fun and safe for the both of you. A few guidelines your passenger should take into consideration are listed here:

  • Never lean to the right or left suddenly, even while at a stop, as this can greatly throw off the balance of the driver.
  • Wear the same level of safety gear as the driver. If you both were to be involved in a collision, the passenger is likely to each sustain very similar injuries. So, that means a passenger should be fully geared up as well.
  • Be aware of how hot the muffler can get, and to avoid placing legs against this area to prevent painful burns.
  • Never riding a motorcycle even as a passenger while intoxicated, overly tired or sick.

If a car driver hits me, can I sue him or her for damages?

A good Montgomery County, MD motorcycle accident attorney will inform you that depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, you may be entitled to receiving financial compensation for your injuries and vehicle damages. If you and/or your passenger suffered injuries and other losses due to a car driver being at-fault, then you may want to schedule an appointment with an attorney as soon as possible. Bring along all paperwork related to your injuries and damages including medical receipts, loss of pay from missing work, and motorcycle repair estimates.

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