What do I do after an accident with a drunk driver?

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What do I do after an accident with a drunk driverIf you have been injured in an accident that was caused by a dangerous drunk driver, you may be in need of a DWI lawyer Montgomery County, MD residents recommend.

Perhaps the most dangerous driver on the road is one that is under the influence of alcohol. Even if other drivers are being cautious and not breaking a single law, they may be taken down by a drunk driver sharing the road with them. Being involved in a car accident due to an intoxicated driver can cause substantial physical wounds, vehicle damages, and financial loss for the victim. A person coming out of a tragic accident after being hit by a drunk driver may endure emotional challenges as well, including newly developed anxieties, fears and depression.

A Montgomery County, MD DWI lawyer may be able to help you seek compensation for expenses that are the result of the different injuries and challenges drunk driving accident victims often face.

What if I don’t feel any injuries while at the scene?

It is actually not uncommon for the victim driver to not feel the extent of his or her injuries until a much later time. Being hit by a drunk driver can be particularly tragic, causing a surge of adrenaline to rush our bodies and hide symptoms until hours or even days later. If you sue the drunk driver who hit you, it may hinder your case if it took you weeks to go to the doctor. Responding to potential injuries with a sense of urgency can be helpful for not only your Montgomery County, MD DWI lawyer and your case but your health as well.

Is it necessary to hire a lawyer after such an accident?

It is not required, but highly encouraged that someone hit by a drunk driver seeks legal advice from a Montgomery County, MD DWI lawyer right away. Since driving while under the influence is against the law, you do have the right to pursue legal action for compensation from the driver at-fault. With the help from a Montgomery County, DWI lawyer, the victim driver can file a civil lawsuit as a way to recover from financial loss and afford vehicle repairs.

Won’t my insurance company help me out?

While many people hope their insurance company will help them out after such an accident, keep in mind that your insurer also must try to save as much money as possible. It is important to talk to someone you trust that has your current health and future in mind. A lawyer can help you fight for a fair amount of compensation. The victim driver may require current and future medical procedures, in order to treat the resulting injuries. A Montgomery County, MD DWI lawyer can represent you and offer advice along the way.

What are signs that the driver who hit me was drunk?

A person who was drunk behind the wheel may have been swerving across many lanes, not using a turn signal or speeding excessively in the moments prior to hitting you. People who are drunk may easily tip into aggression and anger as well. Be wary of the drunk driver and keep your distance if you feel threatened. When getting out of the vehicle, he or she may have slurred speech, the smell of alcohol on their clothing, used the exterior of the vehicle to walk a straight line, or had other signs of impaired cognitive or physical functioning.

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