What Do Bicycle Riders Need To Know?

Frequently Asked Questions

A skilled Silver Spring, MD bike accident lawyer has the answers you may need

Silver Spring MD bike accident lawyerIf you are a person who enjoys riding a bike, you may have already noticed just how dangerous it can be to share the road with car drivers. Any experienced Silver Spring, MD bike accident lawyer will tell you that as a bicyclist, there is no protective outer shield to help lessen the blow if a car were to crash into you. The human body just does not come along with an exterior shell. And, car drivers cannot be trusted to operate their vehicle with care. So, a bicyclist may eventually learn to simply only rely on themselves when trying to prevent being hit by an irresponsible driver.

What is the biggest distraction to car drivers?

According to a Silver Spring, MD bike accident lawyer, car drivers may become distracted while behind the wheel for a variety of reasons. Things such as driving while on the phone, eating, fidgeting with the radio, talking to a passenger, or being sleep-deprived can lead to hitting a bicyclist that is sharing the same lane or roadway.

What are safety tips that I should consider while on my bike rides?

It is not exactly possible to completely erase any chances of being struck by a vehicle while riding a bicycle. However, there are proactive things a rider can do to help decrease his or her likelihood of suffering injuries from being hit, according to a Silver Spring, MD bike accident lawyer:

  • Avoid riding during night time hours
  • If you must ride in the evening, wear reflective gear or attach an automatic blinking light to your bicycle
  • Always wear a helmet that fits you well and is buckled
  • Try to purchase gear and bike clothing that is brightly colored (to attract the attention of drivers)
  • Avoid riding during extreme weather (rain, snow, ice or severe heat)

What should I do in the event of being hit by a car?

Any bicyclist who has been struck by a car should call 911 and be transported to the nearest emergency room if needed. Injuries resulting from the direct impact can be incredibly painful and life-threatening for the bicyclist. Even if you feel okay while at the scene of the accident, it is possible that you sustained serious injuries that can worsen in the hours or days to follow.

What sort of documents should I bring with me to a legal consultation?

According to a skilled Silver Spring, MD bike accident lawyer, if after the accident you decide to sue the driver for compensation, meeting with an attorney can be a great place to start. During the consultation, an attorney should know as much as possible about what happened in order to provide you with accurate advice. Examples of documents to have on hand during your meeting include:

  • Receipts of any medical expenses paid thus far
  • Any outstanding debts that still need to be paid
  • Emergency, hospitalization and ambulance transportation costs
  • The driver’s information and insurance company name
  • Copies of medical details including exams and diagnostics
  • Short-term and long-term treatment plans
  • Estimates for bicycle repairs and other damages
  • Statements from employer regarding missing work for recovery
  • Photographs taken at the scene of damages and visible injuries
  • Contacts of bystanders who saw the accident happen

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