What Can I Do To Prevent Getting Hit On My Motorcycle?

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Motorcycle Safety Advice from Tysons, VA MVA Lawyers

Tysons VA mva lawyersTysons, VA mva lawyers will tell you that riding a motorcycle as means of transportation has become increasingly popular, as it can be a great way to save money on gas and get where you need to go more quickly. However, the downside to this way of traveling, is that a rider is more at-risk for terrible injuries if he or she were to get hit by a car. There is no protective shield around the human body to help act as a buffer in the event of sudden impact. And sadly, car drivers cannot always be trusted to maneuver their vehicle with care in the presence of motorcycles. So, it is then up to the rider to practice safety at all costs.

In the below article, Tysons, VA mva lawyers have answered the major question many riders have about what they can do to help prevent getting struck by a car while on a motorcycle. Please read further for tips, advice and when you may want to seek legal counsel.

Are there ways to lessen my chances of being in an accident?

Yes, there are multiple strategies a motorcycle rider can follow which may help decrease his or her chances of being involved in an accident. Unless a rider has a loud bike, it can be difficult for many drivers to realize a motorcycle is nearby. In order to be more safe, a motorcyclist should consider these tips given by Tysons, VA mva lawyers:

  1. Purchase a motorcycle that is the right size and fit for your body.
  2. Invest in anti-lock brakes, as they are proven to substantially decrease the likelihood of a rider being in a fatal accident.
  3. If you are new to riding or just want to hone in on your skills, attend a motorcycle safety class.
  4. Never, ever buy a used helmet and always invest in a quality helmet that has a high safety rating.
  5. Wear motorcycle gear that is made of a material built for protection, which can withstand wear and tear if you were to get hit and thrown off your bike.
  6. Tysons, VA mva lawyers also recommend holding off on going for a ride during severe weather conditions, as slippery roads can cause even the most experienced rider to hydroplane.
  7. Be alert at all times for drivers that are on their phones, under the influence, or otherwise driving recklessly.
  8. Keep an eye out for road debri or hazards that may cause you to slide, including sand, piles of wet leaves, small rocks and muddy puddles.
  9. Before getting onto your bike, do a quick evaluation of your bike to confirm everything is in proper working order.

If a car driver hit me while on my motorcycle, can I sue?

If you sustained injuries due to a car hitting you, which surpass what a first aid kit can offer, you may want to visit Tysons, VA mva lawyers as soon as possible. You do have the option of filing a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver for injuries, vehicle damages, and more. Many of those who have suffered the consequences of negligent drivers turn to a lawyer for help.

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