What are Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in an Urban Area?

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What are Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in an Urban AreaAny experienced Maryland motorcycle accident lawyer knows that riding a motorcycle is not just a recreational activity, reserved for rides along the countryside. For a number of city dwellers, it may be a way of easily maneuvering around highly populated, urban areas. Motorcycle enthusiast can be far more susceptible to suffering a significant injury if in an accident. Because of this, it’s important to always make smart decisions when utilizing a motorcycle. The last thing you want is to suffer injuries in an accident, especially if it was at the hands of someone else. Here are some tips for riding safely in densely populated urban areas.

Tip #1

When riding a motorcycle in an urban area, try to take up as much of the lane you are riding in as possible. According to a Maryland motorcycle accident lawyer, there are several reasons for this. Riding in the middle of the lane, will make you more visible to other vehicles, making it easier for them to see you. City driving can be aggressive, riding closer to the outside of the lane could put you in a sticky situation should a vehicle come into your space because they are unable to see you. This can make it difficult to have space to move out of the way if you are already close to the shoulder.

Tip #2:

Avoid riding a motorcycle too close to areas that have a lot of off the street parking. When cars are parked on the side of the road, passengers opening their doors may not be paying attention to the traffic passing by. A Maryland motorcycle accident lawyer will likely inform you that a motorcycle rider may be of particular risk of sustaining injury if you collide with an opening car door. Other risks may include car pulling into traffic who may not see you.

Tip #3:

Watch carefully for obstructions on the road. Potholes, construction, pedestrians and debris are all too common in urban areas. Ride defensively and always be careful, continuously scanning the road around you. When on a motorcycle, even a minor mistake can have a disastrous outcome.

Tip #4:

A Maryland motorcycle accident lawyer may also warn you that people driving in city areas can be aggressive. Sometimes, a driver’s quick response to something while on the road could mean they do not see the biker next to them. Although this may be beyond your control, there are a number of things that are. When riding, be as visible as possible, wear brighter clothing, be alert when riding, and stay as visible as possible when riding in heavy traffic.

Tip #5:

Always wear protective clothing such as long pants, boots, jacket and helmet. It is a common misconception that these items won’t protect you when faced with an accident. In fact, they have a number of safety benefits. A Maryland motorcycle accident lawyer will suggest that wearing the proper safety gear can help to reduce the severity of an injury you may be faced with in an accident. Failing to wear a helmet can yield fatal results in an accident that may have been minor.

Suffering a motorcycle accident may change your life in the long run. This can be especially frustrating if your injuries were so severe that they resulted in a permanent physical disability, or worse. If you have suffered an accident while riding a motorcycle, it may be in your best interest to contact a personal injury attorney with experience in representing such matters.

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