What are the steps in a workers compensation claim?

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How a Greenbelt, MD workers compensation lawyer can help

Greenbelt MD workers compensation lawyerAn experienced Greenbelt, MD workers compensation lawyer understands that workers compensation rules can be very complicated and difficult to understand. They know all too well that injured workers often feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the process of filing a workers comp claim. Although this process is intended to protect workers when they need it, it’s often unnecessarily complex and can even work against those who need it.

When you hire a workers compensation lawyer, you want to hire a team that has been advocating for the rights of workers for many years. They should have years of experience helping their clients and their families through this difficult time. A Greenbelt, MD workers compensation lawyer should believe it’s important for their clients to understand the workers compensation process so they know what to expect. For more detailed information about anything discussed below, please don’t hesitate to call a local workers compensation law firm to speak with a  workers compensation lawyer.

Initial Steps in a Workers Compensation Claim

If you sustain an injury at work, there are a few initial steps you’ll want to take if you plan on filing a workers comp claim. First and foremost, you’ll want to seek medical attention if you need it. Employers are legally required to let employees seek medical attention after sustaining an injury. A Greenbelt, MD workers compensation lawyer will also likely remind you that it’s also important to alert your employer of your injury, and try to collect evidence (including witness statements) about the incident. Remember, your employer cannot discriminate against you for filing a workers compensation claim after sustaining an injury at work.

It’s also important to be aware of how much time you have to report the injury. Many insurers require employees to report the injury within a certain time frame (this is usually no more than a few weeks after the incident).

Official Documentation in a Claim

As any workers compensation lawyer would likely tell you, documentation is key in a workers compensation claim. A Greenbelt, MD workers compensation lawyer typically knows that documentation about your injury and required medical treatments are very important for determining a) that the injury was work-related and b) the amount of money that would be considered fair compensation.

There is virtually no such thing as too much documentation when it comes to workers comp. In fact, many valid claims are denied simply because the employee failed to keep accurate records of everything that happened. If you’re worried about forgetting important details, a great way to record what happens and be sure that you give consistent information is to keep a journal about your injury.

Speak With a Workers Comp Lawyer

If you have any concerns about your claim, it’s never a bad idea to talk to a Greenbelt, MD workers compensation lawyer. Your lawyer should be able to give you more detailed information about what to expect during the claims process. Additionally, if any problems arise, you can trust that your lawyer will attend to these matters while you focus on recovering.

At Cohen & Cohen we offer potential clients a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our team members. We want to make sure that every single client feels comfortable and confident when they choose to hire our firm. To schedule your own consultation with a Greenbelt, MD workers compensation lawyer, call us today.

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