What are the Physical and Emotional Impacts of Road Rash?

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A skilled Hyattsville, MD motorcycle accident attorney has the answers

Hyattsville MD Motorcycle Accident AttorneyAny experienced Hyattsville, MD motorcycle accident attorney knows it is not uncommon to think that hat road rash is the least worrisome injury following a motorcycle accident. After all, motorcycle accidents can result in injuries that are serious in nature and even fatal. The reality is that a motorcycle enthusiast is at a far greater risk for serious injury than your average driver out on the road. There are a number of reasons motorcyclists may be at a higher risk for serious injuries. Although road rash may not sound like a very severe consequence to an accident, it can have a significant impact on your life.

Reasons Motorcyclist Are at Greater Risk

A good Hyattsville, MD motorcycle accident attorney will tell you that because of the mechanical make up of a motorcycle, motorcyclists are at far greater risk for sustaining injuries that are severe in nature. When faced with such a traumatic event, victims can be left feeling lost and overwhelmed. Unfortunately, accident victims may experience more significant injuries for the following reasons:

  • A motorcyclist is virtually unprotected from others. They do not have the outer shell of a vehicle to protect them in a collision.
  • It can be easier to over correct or lose control of a motorcycle.
  • A motorcyclist can more easily be thrown from a vehicle or experience direct impact in a collision.
  • A motorcyclist is smaller and more difficult for other vehicles on the road to see.

It’s far too common for accident victims lives to be impacted in ways they may have never realized. If you have suffered damages in a motorcycle accident, it will be vital that you speak with a Hyattsville, MD motorcycle accident attorney before the statute of limitations expires.

Road Rash

Road rash is one of the most common forms of accidents that a motorcyclist can suffer from. Your skin is one of the body’s largest organs, because of this, it is an area that is highly susceptible to injury. Road rash occurs when a motorcyclist is in a collision that caused their skin to rub across the asphalt. As a result, layers of skin can peel away from the body. It’s important to note that this is far more significant than a scraped knee. Road rash can impact all parts of the body and can cause serious levels of suffering.

How Road Rash May Impact You

When compared to injuries that result in paralysis or even death, road rash may seem far less serious.  A skilled Hyattsville, MD motorcycle accident attorney will likely inform you that it’s a common misconception to believe that road rash is an easy injury to recover from. Unfortunately, the physical and emotional trauma from road rash can follow you for some time to come. In cases where third degree road rash is sustained, layers of skin may in the exposure of fatty tissue and even bone. This may require more substantial treatment than a simple emergency room visit. It could mean that you are required to undergo a series of skin grafts or surgeries.

Although road rash may seem like an insignificant repercussion to a motorcycle accident, the impact can be incredibly serious. You may decide that taking legal action is in your best interest, especially when a victim is looking at a long recovery period. Contacting a Hyattsville, MD motorcycle accident attorney can be beneficial when determining the appropriate legal approach.

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