What are Common Tactics Used Against Elderly Nursing Home Abuse Victims?

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Wheaton, MD nursing home lawyers explain the important insight you may need

Wheaton MD nursing home lawyersWheaton, MD nursing home lawyers know all too well that one of the most common tactics used as a way to threaten nursing home residents to keep quiet about neglect or abuse they are subjected to is eviction from the nursing home. Most skilled nursing home abuse attorneys should be very familiar with this strong-arming used against elderly victims and work diligently for their clients and their families to protect their rights, stop the abuse, and get the financial compensation victims deserve for the injuries they sustain.

Reporting abuse is critical to making it stop. But when the abuse is reported, abusers and the facilities they work for will often go to the extreme to keep their victims quiet. The following are some of the more common “defenses” that Wheaton, MD nursing home lawyers have heard in the cases we have handled.

Claiming Innocence: Many abusers will automatically claim they are innocent when they are confronted with allegations of abuse. This is even true when there is overwhelming evidence – such a video – that clearly shows the abuse and who the perpetrator is. The goal of the abuser is to turn the allegations into a “he said, she said” situation.

Point Fingers at Someone Else: Another common tactic an abuser will try is to blame someone else, claiming that another staff member was really responsible. They may even try blaming the victim, claiming it was the victim who attacked them, not the other way around. If the abuse involves financial abuse, the perpetrator may try to claim that the victim willingly gave them the possessions or money they took. Some abusers may even try claiming that the victim’s family is making the abuse allegations up as a way to get back at them for whatever excuse they can come up with.

Threats: Wheaton, MD nursing home lawyers will likely inform you that one of the most common forms of trying to keep a victim quiet is by threatening them. Threats of violence and threats of eviction from the nursing home are commonly used against victims to keep them quiet. Victims may not only be fearful of the abuse, but they often have no other options of places to live, especially if they need medical and personal care assistance and are unable to live alone or have family who can take care of them.

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If you suspect your family member has suffered mistreatment at the nursing home they reside at, contact Cohen & Cohen for help. Our skilled nursing home abuse attorney can discuss the details of your case, as well as what the legal options are that your family may have. In addition to reporting the abuse to the proper municipal and state law enforcement and other agencies, your family may be entitled to file a lawsuit against the nursing home.

Regardless of what defenses the abuser and/or the facility claim, our legal team will work relentlessly to get your loved one the justice they deserve. Call our office today to set up your free consultation with Wheaton, MD nursing home lawyers.

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