What are Common Questions About Workplace Injuries?

Frequently Asked Questions

A Hillcrest Heights, MD workers compensation lawyer answers the frequently asked questions you may need to know

Hillcrest Heights MD workers compensation lawyerAny skilled Hillcrest Heights, MD workers compensation lawyer will tell you that when an employee gets injured while on the clock, he or she may have a number of questions about the workers compensation process. Workers compensation programs are structured in such a way that enable employees to receive medical care for work-related injuries, at no cost to the worker. Supervisors and other management staff must uphold certain standards of safety for the workplace, to help prevent environmental accidents from happening. In the article here, we have answered a few common questions employees may have regarding to do when unexpected injuries arise when at work.

Should I notify my manager about the injury right away?

Hillcrest Heights, MD workers compensation lawyer will likely inform  you that, yes, if you or a coworker are injured on the job you should report the accident to your manager immediately. Even if you think the injury was mild enough to go away on its own, it is best to report it promptly. What may seem like something superficial would turn out to be way worse than you originally thought. By reporting the accident, it could also help make the workplace more safe. For example, if an employee tripped and fell due to a crack in the flooring, then it can prevent the same thing from happening to others once fixed.

They told me I had to see a work doctor, can I be evaluated by my own too?

An experienced Hillcrest Heights, MD workers compensation lawyer may explain that depending on your state laws, it may be required that you see the work-assigned doctor regarding your work injuries. But, it may still be possible to see your personal doctor for a second opinion. If you are unsure about what the rules are exactly, you should talk with your employer for more details. In some cases, the doctor an employer has assigned to take on work-related injuries, may be biased to evaluate your condition and treatment which saves the company money.

What are the signs that my boss is mishandling my workers comp claim?

While most employees want to have good faith in their employer, it is still helpful to be aware of the signs that your workers compensation claim may have been mishandled. Red flags that could mean your workers comp application is not being filed as it should, are listed here:

  • Your boss seems aloof about filing the paperwork
  • Your boss has not given you necessary updates about the status of your application, or the next steps to come
  • Your boss was late turning in your paperwork
  • Your boss tries to convince you to not file for workers compensation
  • Your boss minimizes your injuries and does not take them seriously

When is it the right time to meet with an attorney?

If at any point you feel that your workers compensation claim is being neglected or intentionally mishandled, then you may want to meet with a Hillcrest Heights, MD workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible. Some employees may decide to get a legal consultation if they did not receive enough of a benefit amount required in order to fully cover medical expenses for the work injury. An attorney can offer guidance, strategy and legal representation.

If you feel that you may need an attorney to represent you over a workplace injury, do not hesitate to reach out to Cohen & Cohen to set up your free consultation with a Hillcrest Heights, MD workers compensation lawyer.

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