What are Common Hazards Experienced by Motorcycle Enthusiasts Today?

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What are Common Hazards Experienced by Motorcycle Enthusiasts TodayMaryland motorcycle accident lawyers know all too well that getting on the back of a motorcycle is an experience that is like none other. Many enjoy the wind in their hair, the sense of freedom and the feeling that they are one with nature. It’s interesting because in most cases, those getting behind the wheel of a car are not likely to do so for recreational purposes. Most of the time getting behind the wheel of a a motor vehicle serves a specific purpose, to get you where you need to go. Although this is an obvious reason for owning a motorcycle, many enthusiasts ride for pure enjoyment, with no destination in mind. Although riding a motorcycle is an activity enjoyed by many, as Maryland motorcycle accident lawyers may tell you, doing so can comes with some level of risk. Here are some common hazards a motorcyclist should be concerned with when enjoying the open road:

Road Debris

Debris and road hazards can cause serious harm to a motorcyclist. This is especially true for the novice biker. When faced with such problems, it can be far more difficult for a motorcyclist to maintain control of their bike. Examples of common debris may include:

  • Gravel on Pavement
  • Slick Roads
  • Construction Zones
  • Areas with Uneven Pavement
  • Crossing areas

Whenever possible, it is important to avoid areas where you are aware there may be a problem or the roads are poorly maintained. According to Maryland motorcycle accident lawyers, this may be vital in preventing a motorcycle accident.


Bugs can not only be annoying to motorcyclists, they can also be a hazard. Prior to riding a motorcycle, you may have never even considered the safety risk that bugs may pose when riding. The last thing anyone wants is to have an obstructed view due to bug splatter or for one of those nasty things to fly into your mouth. This could cause you to react poorly and lose control of you bike. To prevent this from happening, Maryland motorcycle accident lawyers advise that motorcyclists wear protective eyewear or a helmet equipped with a facemask.

Other Vehicles

Although other vehicles may seem like an obvious hazard, they are a significant one. A motorcycle is one of the smallest vehicles on the road. Because of this, larger motor vehicles are likely to have a more difficult time seeing you. It’s not at all uncommon for a person driving a car to move into the lane of a biker because they did not see them. Opening car doors in areas that offer street parking is another way a biker can sustain injury from a car.

It shouldn’t take Maryland motorcycle accident lawyers for you to know that there are a number of risks associated with riding a motorcycle. However, by taking the time to educate yourself regarding common hazards bikers face enthusiasts may be able to safely enjoy riding. Suffering a motorcycle accident is sure to be a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, an accident can be life changing. It’s important to note there may be recourse in the event the accident was the result of someone else’s negligence. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney today to discuss the details of your specific case.

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