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FAQ: What Actions Should I Take After a Car Crash?

Suggested Actions to Take After a Car Crash in Reston, VA that Can Help Your Car Accident Lawyer

car accident lawyer Reston VAThere are many things that should be done after a car accident and one of them is to protect your rights by getting in contact with a reputable car accident lawyer Reston, VA community members can rely on.

Amidst the scene of a car crash, emotions may be running high in addition to substantial bodily pain due to severe injuries. It can be difficult to remember what to do as shock and adrenaline is coursing through your body. When dealing with a car accident at the scene, try to remain as calm and possible. In the article here, we have answered various questions about how to handle things, if you ever find yourself the victim of a car crash due to another driver’s recklessness. In the event you need a car accident lawyer in Reston, VA to help protect your rights, many of these things may be helpful to him or her to be successful in this endeavor.

Why do I have to stay at the scene of the accident?

Most of us have heard to always remain at the scene of a car accident. While this seems obvious to many, there is a very crucial reason why. If you leave too soon, it could be seen as a hit and run to law enforcement, which can have serious consequences. Also, it can help to have an officer take a statement about what happened, so he or she can file an official incident report.

Whether you stayed at the scene of your accident or did not realize that you were supposed to, a car accident lawyer who is licensed to practice in Reston, VA may be able to help you.

When should I call for an ambulance?

If any of the parties involved do not feel quite right or have visible injuries, it may be best to call for medical attention right away. If someone fell unconscious, has severe neck/back pain, is bleeding or sustained other injuries, do not wait to get medical care. Injuries can worsen in the hours or days to follow.

What information should I gather from the other driver?

When talking with the other driver, there are certain details you should gather. In the moment of the car wreck, it can be difficult to remember everything that you need to obtain. Keeping a notepad and pen in your car can be useful when exchanging contact information, in addition to writing down how the accident happened while it is still fresh in your mind. Remain as cordial as possible when communicating with the other driver about getting these details:  

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Address
  4. Driver’s License Number
  5. License Plate Number
  6. Insurance Company
  7. Name & Contact of All Passengers

All of these pieces of information can be of great help to a Reston, VA car accident lawyer who is trying to protect your rights.

Should I take photographs while at the scene?

Yes, if you have a camera or can take pictures on your phone to capture the scene, do so. These images could be useful to your insurance company and your case if you decide to file a civil lawsuit against the driver at-fault for the accident. Take pictures of vehicle damages, injuries, broken glass from window shatter, skid marks, cross street signs, and any other details which are related to the crash.

These and any other forms of documentation can be helpful to your Reston, VA car accident lawyer in winning your case.

If I sue the car driver at-fault, how likely am I to receive financial compensation?

If you have accumulated expenses due to your injuries, vehicle repairs and loss of pay due to missing work, you may be eligible to receive retribution from the driver responsible for the accident. Keep records of all your out of pocket expenses, receipts, doctor evaluations and other similar paperwork to help prepare you for your consultation with an attorney. After evaluating your case, an attorney can talk with you about whether you have a strong foundation for a civil lawsuit.

There are no guarantees of compensation for an accident but a good way to seek this is with a personal injury law firm on your side that has a track record of successfully defending accident victims and their family’s rights.

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