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Washington DC FLSA Lawyer

What Warrants the Need for a Reliable FLSA Lawyer?

What Warrants the Need for a Reliable FLSA LawyerWhen an employer breaks guidelines of overtime pay or minimum wages set out by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) it may warrant the need for a reliable Washington DC FLSA lawyer that employees in DC and the surrounding areas can rely on.

When an employee suffers from FLSA violations it can be critical to enlist the help of a lawyer to protect their rights and to seek the compensation they deserve. Employee laws are complex and it is not advised that employees try to pursue these kinds of claims without the help of a lawyer who is experienced at successfully helping their clients hold unlawful employers accountable for their actions.

For many people, the idea of telling their employer that they are doing something wrong is daunting enough, but the idea of filing a legal claim and potentially taking them to court is positively overwhelming. When an employee is still trying to keep and do their job during this process, it can feel incredibly uncomfortable. If you work in the Washington DC area, having a reliable Washington, DC FLSA lawyer on your side can help you to feel less alone. When you have a good lawyer on your team, they will guide and protect you throughout this difficult but important process.

FLSA Violations

Fortunately, many employers are good and honest people but the unfortunate reality is that there are ones who are not. If you are one of the unfortunate employees of a dishonest employer, there are many different ways that your employer may be trying to nickel and dime you on your pay. More common violations of FLSA laws that often warrant the help of a lawyer include but are not limited to:

Overtime Not paying overtime of at least your hourly rate plus half of that, for every overtime hour you work.

Misclassifying Employers often misclassify employees as, independent contractors, in order to avoid having to pay overtime wages.

Exempt and Non-Exempt Some employees are under the misunderstanding that they are exempt and can’t get overtime pay if they are paid a flat salary or have a job title such as supervisor or manager. It is the law that non-exempt employees are supposed to get overtime pay.

Off the Clock Work Employers are not supposed to ask employees to do unpaid work while they are off the clock.

Retaliation An employer is not supposed to do anything that could be construed as retaliative if they find out about an employee has complained about FLSA violations.

If your employer has committed any of the above, there is a good chance that you are entitled to compensation and will need a trustworthy Washington, DC FLSA lawyer. There are many other FLSA violations that are not mentioned here. If you think that your employer is not paying you fairly or violating the FLSA in other ways, it may be time to call a reputable lawyer now.

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