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Volkswagen Lawsuit Lawyer

Volkswagen Lawsuit Lawyer DC, MD and VA

Volkswagen Lawsuit Lawyer DC, MD and VAIf you are one of the approximately 500,000 consumers who were cheated by Vokswagen emissions-cheating devices, a Volkswagen lawsuit lawyer in DC, MD and VA may be able to help.

In September of 2015, Volkswagen (VW) admitted that it had installed emissions cheating devices on more than 500,000 vehicles sold in the United States. Not only are people who own these cars now owners of cars that are not what they paid for, they now know that their cars are not technically road-legal. 

Volkswagen is now in a position where they are scrambling to repair the wrongs they did with their false advertising as well as the damage this has done to their brand.

If you are the owner of a VW diesel automobile whose emissions were falsely advertised as being legal for federal regulations, a Volkswagen lawsuit lawyer in DC, MD or VA may be able to get you the compensation you are entitled to in order to help you remedy your unfortunate situation.

VW Lawsuits

In October of 2016, a federal court approved the terms of a $15 billion settlement to try to make things right with U.S. VW Jetta TDI owners. Later in 2016, VW reached a $1 billion settlement wit 3.0L diesel drivers affected by what is often referred to as, Dieselgate.

In 2017, VW reached a $4.3 billion agreement with the US Department of Justice that will cover criminal and civil charges stemming from the VW’s diesel scandal. A judge approved that of that $4.3 billion, $2.8 billion will go to settle criminal charges and $1.5 billion will go towards settling civil charges, most of which were filed by environmental regulators.

If you were directly affected by VW’s false advertising of one of its cars, contacting a reputable Volkswagen lawsuit lawyer with offices in DC, MD and VA may help to save you time, money, and the hassle of owning a car that is environmentally not sound and technically not legal to be driving on public roads and highways in the United States.

VW Diesel Defeat Devices

Volkswagen has now admitted to installing ”defeat devices” that mask a car’s true emissions on over 500,000 US sold diesel vehicles as well as in cars that were sold in Canada. The defeat devices are a type of smart software that is able to detect when a federally mandated emissions test is being conducted on it. When it “realizes” it is being tested, it switches the vehicle’s systems to an operating mode that allows the vehicle to ostensibly pass federal clean air emissions standards.  

The unfortunate reality is that these VWs emit levels of nitrous oxides up to 40 times the amounts that are permitted by U.S. emissions laws.

Because of VW’s lies and cheating, many Volkswagen owners found themselves needing the help of a VW lawsuit lawyer that is licensed to protect the rights of consumers in DC, MD and VA.

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