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Uber accident law firm Maryland

Uber Accident Law FirmIf you or someone you love has been injured or had property damaged in an accident involving an Uber driver in Maryland or the surrounding areas, or if someone close to you has died because of this, you may find it helpful to contact an Uber accident law firm Maryland residents can recommend. The compassionate personal injury and accident lawyers at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. dedicate their work to standing up for the rights of accident victims and their families. If you think or know that you need a lawyer who is familiar with accidents involving Uber drivers, someone is available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A member of our legal team is ready to give you a free consultation and case evaluation. If we do not have a lawyer that is best suited for your particular needs, we would like to try to help you to find someone who is. The sooner you call, the sooner we can try to start protecting your and your family’s rights.

As the rideshare app Uber becomes increasingly popular, legal questions are piling up across the country in regards to the company’s liability towards users. Maryland was one of the first state’s to express their concern for protecting the safety of passengers using the service by passing legislation in 2015 that holds Uber to the same requirements and regulations as taxis and other transportation-for-hire companies. Under this legislation, Uber is allowed to operate in Maryland but it gave the Maryland Public Service Commission more power to regulate Uber and similar rideshare companies. If you have been injured in an accident involving an Uber driver while in the state of Maryland, you may find it helpful to get an Uber accident law firm Maryland accident victims and their families can rely on, on your side.

It does not matter how minor or how major your injuries (or those of a loved one) are, if you were in an accident involving an Uber driver, you may be entitled to compensation. Some things people may be awarded compensation for their injuries include but are not limited to:

– Emergency services
– Hospitalization
– Medical bills
– Prescription drug bills
– Lost wages
– Loss of childcare and/or household management
– Lost abilities
– Long term medical care
– Pain and suffering
– Damages to their vehicle and other property

If a person died because of an accident involving an Uber driver, the victim’s surviving family members may be entitled to compensations similar to the ones above with the addition of the ones below:

– Funeral costs
– Burial or cremation costs
– Loss of benefits
– Loss of consortium
– Loss of parental guidance
– Grief

Many people feel less alone in the difficult times after an accident when they know that they have a dedicated lawyer and law firm on their side. The laws around an accident victim seeking compensation can be complicated. Even with the added layer of safety legislation in Maryland, just because it is clear to an accident victim and their family that they should not have to pay for an Uber driver’s careless or reckless behavior, it is not always easy to get the guilty party (or parties) to pay up. It is also important to keep rideshare companies such as Uber, accountable for maintaining strict safety standards for their riders.

If you or someone you love has been in an accident involving an Uber driver, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for an Uber accident law firm Maryland residents can trust.

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