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trucking accident lawyers Tysons VA

Date11 Jun 2021

A Quick Guide To Handling Truck Accidents

Vehicle accidents can cause serious damage, but when large trucks are involved, the results can be catastrophic. To help you deal with the accident scene and aftermath of a big truck collision, contact trucking accident lawyers Tysons VA, and use this quick guide.


Check to see if there are any vehicle drivers or passengers with injuries or medical emergencies. Remember that adrenaline can mask minor injuries, so even if you don’t have immediate symptoms of aches and pains, it is essential to have a medical evaluation.


Contact police dispatch and request an officer attend the accident scene. If there are injuries, ask for emergency medical responders, as necessary. If the accident involves multiple vehicles, make sure to let the authorities know the number of vehicles involved and the approximate extent of the damages.


Notify your company about the accident as soon as possible to keep the load delivery on schedule. Also, fill out the accident report form while the incident details are clear in your mind.

trucking accident lawyers Tysons VADocument

Use your phone to document the accident scene, witnesses and injuries. Pictures of the vehicles and skid marks can be especially important to your attorney.


The only person you must speak to about the accident is the police officer. If anyone else questions you, tell them to contact your lawyer – and then stay silent.


Stay off social media regarding the accident and refrain from posting details referring to the aftermath. Anything you post, including pictures or sarcastic comments, can be used against you if the case goes to court.


Call trucking accident lawyers Tysons VA and let him or her know what happened. The truck accident lawyer can assist you in handling the insurance adjusters, reporters and anyone else that may want to talk to you. Simply tell them to contact your lawyer when someone wants you to make a statement.


Arrange to have your truck moved to a shop for appraisal and repair. This will allow you to get back on the road as soon as possible.


Obtain witness information before the individuals leave the scene. Witness statements could be critical if there is an accident lawsuit that goes to trial. Tape witnesses on your phone if possible.


When a large truck is involved in any type of vehicle accident, the results can lead to a complicated aftermath. From serious injuries to delayed shipments, you need to be able to turn to someone for help. Contact trucking accident lawyers Tysons VA for the assistance you may need – now and into the future.

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