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Truck Company Sued for Paralyzing Crash

Date12 Feb 2020

Truck Company Sued for Paralyzing CrashSue Ann Beaudoin of Indianapolis has filed a lawsuit against North American Environmental Services and former truck driver Danny Williams after a dump truck crash left her paralyzed from the waist down.

The crash occurred September 3 at the intersection of US 36 and County Road 625 East and involved a dump truck, a school bus and nine other vehicles.

“All of a sudden, I saw this dump truck barreling down the road behind me,” said Beaudoin. “I just thought, ‘I hope he can stop.’ I realized he was not going to stop.”

Williams was behind the wheel of the dump truck and he told police he had been snorting heroin. The crash killed two people, Gerald and Rhonda Legan.

The intersection was closed for six hours while police investigated.

“We’re going to take our time and do everything we possibly [can] do to bring answers to what we know happened in this terrible tragedy today,” said Avon Police Deputy Chief Bryan Nugent. “That might cause an inconvenience for our public and we understand that frustration and we can only hope that it appeals to the senses of people to understand, people’s lives were lost today.”

Williams was arrested on two counts of reckless homicide.

Beaudoin said that in just moments, her life was in shambles. She is used to living an active lifestyle full of working, traveling, cooking and visiting her family. Now she has to depend on around the clock nursing care and her medical bills continue to increase.

In the blink of an eye, your life can change,” said Beaudoin. “I have a three-story townhouse, and I have to live in 150 square feet of it.”

According to the lawsuit, the dump truck was underinsured and that the company negligently hired and supervised Williams.

The suit claims that Williams didn’t operate his commercial motor vehicle with reasonable care, was intoxicated and impaired at the time of the crash and failed to pay proper attention to the roadway.

Although Beaudoin has many challenges, she feels lucky to be alive.

“I’d like to travel someday, and I had a trip planned I had to cancel,” said Beaudoin. “I was going to Italy to have cooking lessons and learn about wine. It’s still on my bucket list.”


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