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Truck Accident Lawyer Vienna VA

Why Are Truck Accidents So Complicated?

Truck Accident Lawyer Vienna VAIf you have been injured in a truck accident through no fault of your own, you might be interested in searching for a truck accident lawyer Vienna VA residents trust. At Cohen and Cohen, P.C., our legal team is proud to serve the community of Vienna and provide valuable litigation services to residents. While no attorney can really say that they are “the best” truck accident lawyer Vienna VA has to offer, our firm has gained wide renown through Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC for being reliable and effective.

Our lawyers have dutifully defended and fought for countless accident victims over the years, and we have recovered approximately $100 million collectively for our clients. We understand that trucking accidents, in particular, can be very traumatic and can potentially lead to severe injuries. When an individual is involved in a trucking accident because of another driver’s mistake, that individual has every right to fight for compensatory damages — and to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer Vienna VA can provide for assistance.

Truck accidents can be stressful; there’s no doubt about it. In many ways, these types of accidents can be much more complicated than accidents involving only passenger vehicles. Not only can large commercial trucks cause catastrophic damage to many other vehicles during a crash, but the claims processes for injured victims can be incredibly complicated. Here’s a quick look at why large truck accidents are so destructive and why it may be a wise decision for injured victims to hire a truck accident lawyer Vienna VA trusts.

Decreased Visibility

Drivers in passenger cars are very likely to see large commercial trucks on the road — but truck drivers can’t necessarily see everyone else. As any experienced truck accident lawyer Vienna VA can provide might attest, many truck accidents happen because another vehicle was in a blind spot for the truck driver. It’s also common for accidents to occur when a large trailer tractor makes a tight turn and uses extra space — sometimes going into another lane — to make the turn. If another passenger car is located next to the truck and in a blind spot, the truck driver might not see the car until it’s too late.

Liability Disputes in Truck Accidents

When a truck driver causes an accident, it’s possible for liability disputes to disrupt the claims process. Several different parties could potentially be held liable even if the truck driver makes a mistake. In the past, many truck accidents have been caused by driver distraction or by driver fatigue. Even though there is legislation requiring truck drivers to take regular breaks, some drivers still fail to abide by these rules.

In these situations, it might be possible for the claimant to seek financial damages from the trucking company. There are several possible reasons why the company might be at fault. For example:

  • Not providing enough training to novice drivers
  • Not giving the driver time for rest periods
  • Failing to make sure that drivers are abiding by rest period regulations

As any experienced truck accident lawyer Vienna VA offers might know, truck accidents can also occur because of a piece of equipment that malfunctions. In this case, the driver might not be directly responsible for causing the accident but another party associated with the truck driver — including the truck company — could be held liable.

It’s possible for liability disputes to get out of hand very quickly, as a seasoned truck accident lawyer Vienna VA has to offer might know. Some trucking companies attempt to avoid accident liability by hiring contract workers through other agencies or by renting trucks from other companies. When a piece of equipment malfunctions, it’s also possible that a third-party mechanic or inspection service holds liability for failing to replace or repair the equipment. If the part was fundamentally ill-designed or manufactured in a way that caused the truck to malfunction, the company behind its design and/or production might be held liable. The company that produced and/or sold the truck as a whole might also encounter liability charges.

With so many parties potentially being liable in a truck accident, it’s easy to see why accident victims could have a hard time collecting settlement money.

Hazardous Materials

When a commercial truck is involved in an accident and was carrying hazardous materials, there is an increased chance that victims in the crash will suffer from even more severe injuries. Truck drivers are required to obtain a special certification and driver’s license if they are transporting materials that can be hazardous in a collision. This is to ensure that the truck drivers are aware of how a hazardous material could worsen a collision and to ensure that the drivers are capable of operating a commercial truck safely.

However, even safe truck drivers can become involved in a collision. Furthermore, it’s possible that a truck company was never alerted to the hazardous materials being transported. When an accident occurs and victims become exposed to hazardous liquids or gases — especially if they do not know it at the time — those individuals could develop severe injuries or illnesses days after the crash occurred. Certain materials, such as gasoline and chemical waste, might also increase the risk of an explosion during a collision. Both of these situations could lead to very severe injuries that require extensive medical care. Individuals might seek legal counsel from a truck accident lawyer in Vienna VA when this is the case.

Cohen and Cohen, P.C.: Your Skilled Vienna VA Truck Accident Lawyer

When you’ve been injured in a truck accident and you need a lawyer you can trust, Cohen and Cohen, P.C. should be your first call. Our legal team understands the complexities of trucking accidents and we know that injured victims could be facing an uphill battle when they attempt to claim financial compensation. If you’re having trouble receiving the financial damages you rightfully deserve, our lawyers may be able to help.

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