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Truck Accident Lawyer Montgomery County MD

Truck Accident Lawyer Montgomery County MDIf you have been involved in an auto accident with a truck, a truck accident lawyer Montgomery County MD motorists turn to for help may be able to recover the money owed to you for damages and injuries. Cohen and Cohen, P.C. has long been a resource for victims of accidents involving big rigs, semi trucks, 18 wheelers, and commercial vans.

What to Do After You Have Been Involved in an Truck Accident

The aftermath following an accident can be extremely confusing, stressful, and chaotic. Unfortunately, that can also be the most critical time for making quick and important decisions that may affect the rest of your life.

If you are involved in an accident with a truck, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Call 911. If you are not able to safely do so on your own, ask a witness or bystander to call. If you are not in danger of being further injured then stay in your location until help arrives. An experienced truck accident lawyer Montgomery County MD car owners listen to may suggest that if your car has been damaged by a truck, even reaching for your purse to get your cell phone may not be a good idea. At this point, you don’t know the extent of your injuries. Shock may be numbing your pain, so reaching or moving could aggravate injuries and cause long term damage that was otherwise avoidable.
  2. Get medical attention.A first responder will likely check you out first, and you may not want refuse a trip to the hospital if they recommend that you go to the emergency room. This is to your benefit if you’ve suffered any injuries. Additionally, if you later seek legal recourse, any injuries that are detected will be documented which may help your case.
  3. Document the accident scene.If you are unable to take photos on your own, designate somebody else at the scene to do this for you. Get witness names and phone numbers. A good truck accident lawyer Montgomery County MD residents count on may not want to solely rely on the official police report for information and evidence to use on your behalf in court proceedings. More is better, so any witness accounts, contact information, and accident scene photos you can get may be beneficial in getting you the compensation you deserve.
  4. Keep your receipts.The truck accident lawyer Montgomery County MD community members trust may generally take your accident costs into account when negotiating a settlement on your behalf. You receipts offer clear and itemized evidence of many of the damages you suffered as a result of your accident, which can help determine the compensation you deserve.
  5. Do not speak to anyone about the accident and do not sign any documentationrelated to the accident until or unless your truck accident lawyer in Montgomery County MD advises you to do so. By signing the documents, you are in effect agreeing with them and this can cause problems later on if you pursue a lawsuit. It can also negatively affect the final settlement amount that your lawyer is able to negotiate on your behalf.
  6. Contact a truck accident lawyer Montgomery County MD drivers recommend. Cohen and Cohen attorneys have handled more than 5,000 personal injury cases in the last 20 years and are highly regarded in this area of law. We are available 24/7 in the event that the time of your accident occurs outside normal business hours.
  7. Notify your insurance company that you were involved in an accident, but be as brief as possible.Simply explain that you have retained a lawyer and that your lawyer will contact them. Pass your insurance company contact information on to your lawyer.

What You Should Know

There are a few key things that pertain specifically to truck accident victims that you should keep in mind in the aftermath of an accident:

Employment Status and How It Can Affect Your Case

An experienced Montgomery County MD truck accident lawyer understands that truck drivers are often independent contractors. This means:

  • Because they aren’t employed by a trucking company, it’s possible that only the driver can be held liable for the accident.
  • If it can be proven that the trucking company treats their drivers more like employees than independent contractors, the company may be held liable instead of or in addition to the driver.

Who else can be held liable?

Because of the number of variables involved in any trucking accident, it’s important to discuss the details of your case with a truck accident lawyer Montgomery County MD automobile owners can count on. Here are some general guidelines:

  • While trucks tend to go through extensive wear and tear due to the nature of the industry, the makers of any faulty equipment on the truck that contributed to the accident (ex. the brake or engine manufacturers) may be held liable.
  • If the cargo shifted inside the truck due to improper loading practices causing your accident, the person who loaded the trailer and their employer may also be liable.

Cohen and Cohen: A Truck Accident Lawyer Montgomery County MD Turns to for Help

The law firm of Cohen and Cohen had a wealth of experience in handling auto accident and personal injury cases. When it comes to laws involving commercial trucks, our attorneys are highly knowledgeable. We understand the subtle and not-so-subtle differences between accidents involving only personal vehicles and those that include commercial trucks. Call us when you need legal representation from a truck accident lawyer Montgomery County MD vehicle owners can count on to help them.

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