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Truck Accident Lawyer Lanham MD

Safe Driving Tips 

Truck Accident Lawyer Lanham MD It’s an unfortunate fact that accidents involving trucks can be deadly; a truck accident lawyer Lanham MD drivers rely on may be able to help you avoid becoming a victim. Our lawyers at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. are highly experienced when it comes to representing drivers who have been involved in accidents. We hope you will never be involved in a truck accident but if you are, we want to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Though taking every precaution possible does not eliminate the possibility of a truck driver colliding with your car, it may help you minimize the risk of being affected by their mistakes. As a truck accident lawyer Lanham MD trusts, Cohen and Cohen offers these few tips to staying safe while commuting near big trucks:

Safe Driving Tips for Car Owners

1. Perform routine maintenance on a regular basis.  This can not only help you avoid accidents with larger trucks, but is a good safe driving tip in avoiding any kind of accident. Vehicle failure can easily lead to loss of control and subsequent damages; damages that can be exacerbated if an accident involves a big truck. As a reminder, here are some things to put on your checklist for regular maintenance:

  • Brakes: Note the approximate thickness of the pads. Check the brake fluid level, the condition of the hoses. If you don’t service the brakes yourself, request the technician make note of anything that needs to be addressed in the short term.
  • Spark plugs: Aged or fouled spark plugs can lead to a loss of engine power. The typical truck accident lawyer Lanham MD commercial drivers use may point out that not having sufficient power can be an issue in certain situations such as merging into traffic on the highway.
  • Fuel system: A clogged or contaminated fuel system can cause engine failure. Visually check that the fuel filter looks clean. A visual inspection of the fuel injectors may not be practical, but if the engine power has decreased over time, the fuel injectors may need to be cleaned. Fuel additives are available that can clean them and improve overall engine performance.
  • Oil: In addition to making sure the level is acceptable, perform regular oil changes. This can help keep your engine running longer and at peak performance. When first consulting with a truck accident lawyer in Lanham MD, they may want to determine how well your car is running and if improper maintenance could have contributed in any way to the accident.
  • Tires: As an experienced truck accident lawyer Lanham MD turns to may agree, tire blowouts are not uncommon and can occur for any number of reasons. Reduce the risk by regularly checking for wear and depth of tread. A tire blowout puts you in danger of losing control and colliding with another vehicle. If seasonal road conditions warrant it, you may want to consider investing in winter tires.
  • Wipers and fluid: Mud, rain, snow, and sleet can make it impossible to see out your front window if the wipers aren’t working or are in need of replacement. Consider investing in all-weather wiper blades, which can do well with snow as well as rain. Another potential visibility hazard is dirty or muddy glass. Top up the wiper fluid level on a regular basis. If you anticipate that the temperature may drop to around freezing or below freezing, replace the wiper fluid with winter grade fluid.
  • Headlights: Make sure both headlights are in working order. If one or both are dim, check to see if they need to be directionally adjusted or replaced. As a good truck accident lawyer Lanham MD offers should know, headlights can help large trucks with broader blind spots see smaller vehicles on the road.

2. Drive defensively. Leave several seconds of driving time between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Keep your speed consistent. Be aware of who is around your vehicle and the speed they’re traveling in relation to you. This can help you anticipate if they will want to pass you or if you may need to pass them.

3. Avoid trucker’s blind spots. The larger the truck, the larger their blind spot. If you can’t see the driver then he or she probably can’t see you. If you find yourself in their blind spot, move forward or drop back to where they can see you.

4. On longer trips, take breaks. To avoid falling asleep at the wheel or drifting into the next lane, pull over when you’re tired. Most major interstate highways have rest areas; but if you can’t make it to the next one, exit the highway and find a safe place to get some shut eye. A truck accident lawyer Lanham MD trusts may suggest that you plan ahead. Know how many hours you’re capable of driving before you become fatigued. Determine a good spot to take a break ahead of time. Make hotel reservations in advance, if necessary, in order to be sure you have a place to stay for the night.

5. Keep important phone numbers on hand. An accident or collision can occur at any time. Hopefully you’ll never have one; but in case you do, it’s good to have the phone number handy for a truck accident lawyer Lanham MD drivers rely on. In addition to having important numbers in your cell phone’s contacts, write them down and put the list in the glove compartment.

A Lanham MD Truck Accident Lawyer Who Cares About Your Safety

The law firm of Cohen and Cohen is focused on providing the highest level of legal services on behalf of our clients. While we hope you are never involved in a truck accident, we want you to know that we’re passionate about helping drivers like yourself when you need it. Our attorneys have been helping accident victims for more than 20 years; so if you’ve been injured in an accident and need an experienced truck accident lawyer Lanham MD chooses for representation, contact Cohen and Cohen, P.C. today.

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