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Truck Accident Lawyer Cheverly MD

Truck Accident Lawyer Cheverly MDIf you are a driver who has been injured in an accident involving a truck, contact Cohen and Cohen, P.C. for a truck accident lawyer Cheverly MD locals call when they need help. We have the career experience and legal know-how from decades of successfully representing clients after being involved in a vehicle accident.

As a top truck accident lawyer Cheverly MD trust, Cohen and Cohen attorneys have represented more than 10,000 personal injury victims. We have litigated more than 5,000 personal injury cases and recovered over $50,000 on behalf of our clients.

If you’re the victim of a personal injury as a result of an accident with a truck, contact us. Our experienced attorneys want to provide the legal assistance you need in dealing with insurance companies.

Information to Give your Truck Accident Lawyer in Cheverly MD

Prior to meeting with your attorney, it’s recommended that you collect information that may be helpful for your case. Present this information to a truck accident lawyer Cheverly MD turns to as early as your initial meeting with him or her.

1. Details about the accident. While the details are still fresh in your mind, write down everything that you remember.

  • How did the accident happen?
  • Where did it occur? Provide an exact address if possible.
  • Who was involved?
  • What vehicles were involved?
  • Did a police officer at the scene file an accident report?
  • Did anyone take video or photographs of the accident scene?
  • What emergency vehicles arrived at the scene?
  • Were any television or other news reporters present?
  • Did the police charge you or any of the other drivers with a traffic violation?
  • Do you have any contact information for witnesses at the scene?
  • What were the weather conditions like at the time of the accident?
  • What were the road conditions like? Were they slick, dry, icy?

2. Details about the trucker and the trucking company. The information that can be most helpful is the following:

  • What is the trucker’s name?
  • What is the truck driver’s company’s name?
  • What is the truck’s license plate number?
  • Describe the truck in detail, including color, logos or company name on the side, cab description, number of axles or tires, and anything else you can remember.
  • What is the truck driver’s Commercial Driver’s License number?

3. Details about your vehicle.

  • What is the year, make, and model number?
  • Do you hold the title for the vehicle? If not, who does?
  • For how long have you owned the vehicle?
  • What was the condition of the vehicle before the accident?
  • How exactly was your vehicle damaged as a result of the collision?
  • Have you received a repair estimate for the accident damages?
  • Can you provide recent photographs of your vehicle from before the accident?

4. Details about your health and medical needs after the accident. A truck accident lawyer Cheverly MD accident victims turn to for legal help will need information from you. They will need to know about your personal injuries from the accident as well as about your overall health.

  • Did you go to the hospital directly from the accident scene?
  • Were x-rays taken? Did you undergo CT or other scans?
  • What was your medical diagnosis immediately after the accident?
  • Were you released immediately?
  • If you were hospitalized overnight, for how long were you in the hospital?
  • Before being released from the hospital, what treatments did you receive?
  • What treatments have you received since then?
  • What normal activities are you unable to do because of your injuries?
  • What symptoms related to the accident injury are you currently experiencing?
  • Have you ever had a similar injury before the accident?

5. More details about you. An experienced truck accident lawyer Cheverly MD clients are confident about may want to be able to compare your life before the accident to what it’s like now.

  • Are you currently employed? Who is your employer?
  • What are your annual earnings?
  • Have you been absent from work because of your injury? How many hours of work have you lost in total?
  • Do you have a valid and current driver’s license?
  • Do you have auto insurance? Who is your insurer?
  • Do you have medical insurance? Who is your insurer?
  • What is your auto accident history?
  • Are you unable to enjoy the same things you enjoyed prior to the accident?

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Even if an accident is not your fault, the insurance company for the at-fault truck driver may not pay you in a timely fashion. They may not pay you a fair settlement, or they may balk at paying you at all.

When representing you, a truck accident lawyer Cheverly MD trusts on the Cohen and Cohen team can fight to make sure you get every dollar you deserve. Not only will we do everything possible to get your claim negotiated and finalized quickly, we will make every effort to get you the highest dollar.

Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with in the best of times; but the process can be that much more frustrating when they owe you money, but are not paying you. Without retaining an attorney, you may never know if the settlement offer the insurance company makes is fair. Our attorneys at Cohen and Cohen are very used to dealing with insurance companies and how they operate. We may also recognize when an offer is too low and can fight to get you a fair settlement.

Request a Free Consultation with One of Our Lawyers

There are many reasons why Cohen and Cohen is the firm that gets the call when someone needs a truck accident lawyer Cheverly MD automobile owners use for legal help. To put your mind at ease, we offer a free consultation with one of our attorneys to learn how we can help you too. This is a no-obligation opportunity to meet with a member of our legal team to discuss your case. If you are hospitalized or otherwise unable to meet with us in our offices, please do not hesitate to call. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. Contact us at Cohen and Cohen, P.C. as soon as possible, so that we can provide you with an experienced and knowledgeable truck accident lawyer Cheverly MD is proud to call their own.

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