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Truck Accident Injuries

How Can a Trucking Accident Lawyer Gaithersburg, MD Trusts Help with Truck Accident Injuries?

trucking accident lawyer Gaithersburg MDIf you or someone you love has been injured by a negligent or reckless truck driver in Gaithersburg or someplace else in Maryland, or if someone close to you has tragically died from this, you may find it helpful to discuss your rights with a reputable trucking accident lawyer Gaithersburg, MD truck accident victims and their families can rely on.

At Cohen & Cohen, P.C. we have been advocating for truck accident victims and their families for 25 years. We have built a solid reputation for diligently working to get victims the financial compensation they are entitled to for the losses they have suffered in these often devastating crashes.

Tragically, many truck accident victims do not survive these crashes and for those that do survive, they are frequently left with catastrophic disabilities. Some of the more common types of truck accident injuries that a trucking accident lawyer from our firm who is licensed to practice in Gaithersburg, MD often see, include the following:

Back and Neck Injuries

These types of injuries can range from minor back or neck pain to more severe injuries, such as herniated discs of the victim’s spine. Injuries to the back or neck often leave victims unable to work or even go about their daily activities.

Fractured Bones

The impact of a tractor-trailer smashing into a smaller vehicle often creates such force that victim’s bones are easily fractured.

A trucking accident lawyer in Gaithersburg, MD cannot fix broken bones but they can help to make the person or party responsible for a victim’s broken bones, accountable for their actions.

Head Injuries

Any type of injury to the head can result in traumatic brain injury. It is import to realize, however, that a victim can sustain a dangerous injury to the brain even if there is no direct trauma or hit to their head. For example, whiplash is caused when there is a jerking back and forth of the neck. Even a minor case of whiplash can result in dangerous symptoms if left untreated, including nausea, confusion, cognitive issues, and vision difficulties.

Many truck accident victims who suffer a brain injury are often left with permanent cognitive and motor problems.

Many people who have suffered head injuries as the result of a truck accident, and the people who care about these victims, find it helpful to find out their rights by talking to a trucking accident lawyer in Gaithersburg or the place in Maryland that the accident occured.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries are some of the most frightening kinds of injuries because they often have silent symptoms that do not become evident until the victim’s condition becomes dire. The blunt trauma from the crash can cause bleeding to occur in any of the victim’s organs, including their bladder, kidney, liver, pancreas, and spleen.

A trucking accident lawyer who is experienced at successfully defending truck accident victims with internal injuries in Gaithersburg and throughout MD, may be able to help you decide what steps you should take to protect your or your loved one’s rights.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Just like the other injuries explained here, the force caused when the massive truck slams into the vehicle results in much more severe injuries than in crashes involving vehicles of similar size. Injuries to the spinal cord are one of the most devastating because they often lead to paralysis for the victim.

Wrongful Death

Studies show that victims are ten times more likely to not die in a truck accident than other types of crashes. Families are left to not only deal with the emotional anguish of losing their loved one, but also the loss of the financial support the victim provided for their family. Especially, if the victim was the primary breadwinner, this can result in serious financial hardship.

When a loved one suddenly dies because of someone else’s negligent or reckless actions, their surviving family members may be entitled to compensation for expenses caused by their loved one’s death.  A trucking accident lawyer in Gaithersburg, MD or wherever your loved one’s accident occurred may be able to make it much easier for a family to get compensation than if they were to try to do this on their own.

Let a Truck Accident Attorney Help

If you or a member of your family have been injured in a tractor-trailer crash, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. today. We can set up a free case evaluation with one of our skilled truck accident lawyers, who will discuss the details of your case and determine what legal recourse you may have against the party or parties responsible for the crash. For a highly rated trucking accident lawyer Gaithersburg, MD trucking accident victims and their families recommend, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. any time of the day or night, any day of the year.

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