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Tips for Bicyclists & Drivers to Prevent Collisions

Tips for Bicyclists & Drivers to Prevent the Need for a Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Reston, VA

Bicycle Accident Lawyers Reston VAWhen the weather is warm and the scenery is beautiful, vehicle drivers and bicyclists alike may flock to the streets to enjoy their day outside and unfortunately, this is often the cause for cyclists to need a good bicycle accident lawyer Reston, VA community members can depend on.

When sharing the road, accidents between bicycle riders and cars may happen. This is both distressing for the bicyclist and driver, as neither likely started their day thinking they would be involved in such a collision. Unfortunately, due to the bicyclist having much less protection compared to a car driver, they are likely to suffer from very painful injuries. In the article here, we answer common questions about what happens during a bicyclist vs car collision, and prevention tips to consider.

Regardless of how safe you have or have not been, if you have been in an accident in Reston or other communities in Virginia, you may find it helpful to consult with a reputable bicycle accident lawyer in Reston, VA.

What kind of injuries may the bicyclist suffer from?

The type and severity of bicyclist injuries can depend on how fast the car was going at time of impact and where the rider was hit. Due to a bicyclist not having a protective shield to minimize the impact of a car crash, injuries are likely to be serious and quite painful. Any person who has been struck by a car while on a bike should see their doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. Waiting hours or days to receive treatment could result in serious injury complications.

Hopefully you will not wind up needing a good Reston, VA bicycle accident lawyer but discussing your situation with one may help you to understand the things you need to do to build a strong case for you in the event you need to file a personal injury claim.

Examples of potential injuries are listed as follows:

  • Head trauma (concussion, traumatic brain injury)
  • Lacerations & road rash (cuts from broken windshield glass, hitting pavement)
  • Broken bones (hands, wrists, elbow, knee fracture, ankle)
  • Dislocated shoulder (from impact of car or when landing onto ground)
  • Facial & eye wounds (facial or dental fractures, contusion)
  • Chest injury (fracture of ribs, lung damage)
  • Abdomen injury (internal bleeding, organ rupture, traumatic hernia)

What are safety tips for a bicyclist to help prevent being hit?

It is a sad reality that not all drivers are careful around bicyclists. So, this means the rider must be extra vigilant when around vehicles. If you have been hit by a motor vehicle, discussing your rights with a bicycle accident lawyer who is licensed to practice in Reston, VA, may help you to understand what you should do now that this has happened.

Here are five key tips that a bicyclist should consider, which can help lessen the chances of being struck by a car:

  1. Always ride on the right hand side & with the flow of traffic, never against
  2. Obey all traffic signals & posted street signs
  3. Never ride a bicycle without a helmet & protective gear
  4. Wear bright colored clothing & reflectors
  5. Keep an eye out for vehicles that are turning & parked car doors

What habits can a driver practice to be more cautious around a bicyclist?

A driver that operates a vehicle with recklessness is not only putting themselves in danger, but others on the road as well. Bicyclists are especially vulnerable to being struck by a car due to having to ride among traffic unless there is a designated bike lane. Even though drivers have a duty to exercise caution and be safe when sharing the road with a bicycle, there continues to be a need for reputable Reston, VA bicycle accident lawyers.

Drivers can practice being more safe around bicyclists by following these tips:

  1. Keep an eye out for bicyclists at all times
  2. When passing a bicyclist, drive slow & allow plenty of space between
  3. Be extra cautious in school zones & residential areas
  4. Check mirrors before opening your car door after parking on the street
  5. Watch out for bicyclists when yielding or turning at an intersection

Unfortunately, even the safest bicycle riders and drivers in Virginia can still get into accidents that warrant the need for a lawyer who is experienced in successfully defending their clients rights.

For an bicycle accident lawyer Reston, VA cyclists and motorists can rely on with over 35 years of experience in defending injured people and their family’s rights, contact Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for a free case evaluation today.

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