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Three Rules of Thumb for Bike Crashes

A trusted Frederick, MD bike accident lawyer gives you the insight you may need

Frederick MD bike accident lawyer Any Frederick, MD bike accident lawyer will tell you that it is no secret that bicycle crashes can be extremely dangerous and costly. There is the obvious human cost of potential pain, suffering, even permanent disability or death. There is also the monetary cost of repair or replacement of your bicycle, and the costs associated with medical care, rehabilitative care, and time missed from work. If you are a frequent or even occasional bike rider, it is good to keep in mind these these rules of thumb to protect yourself both physically and financially in the event of a bike crash. Below, according to Frederick, MD bike accident lawyer, are the three most important things you should remember when riding your bike:


  • Avoid a crash in the first place. This may go without saying, but it never hurts to revisit caution. Wear appropriate safety gear, including a well-fitting helmet with up-to-date technology and reflective clothing. Make sure your bike is equipped with functioning lights and mirrors. Keep your bike in excellent maintenance. Finally, make sure that you know the rules of the road wherever you are riding. Each locality has traffic rules that apply to bike riders. Make sure you know, for example, if bikes are banned from sidewalks, whether you are required to use hand signals or ride on the far side of a lane, and any other number of safety rules. A skilled Frederick, MD bike accident lawyer will likely inform you that knowing what behaviors other riders and drivers expect from you can prevent an accident.



  • Seek appropriate medical care. In the event of a crash, carefully evaluate your injuries before hopping back on your bike or heading home. Injuries may not seem so bad right after they happen because you are experiencing an adrenaline rush. You may also be embarrassed and want to brush it off and walk away, but stop yourself. Pay special attention to your head and spine. If you feel significant back pain, headache, or if you feel fuzzy-headed, dizzy, or confused, call an ambulance or ask a friend to drive you to the emergency room or urgent care. An experienced Frederick, MD bike accident lawyer will strongly suggest this because early treatment of injury can greatly reduce your recovery time and can prevent more serious problems.



  • Think like a lawyer. Consider the cause of your crash. Was it a poorly maintained road? Was there a hazard that you could not see? If this is the case, you may have a lawsuit against the local government or other entity that is responsible for maintaining the road. Did your crash involve another bicycle or a motor vehicle? If so, you may have a lawsuit against the other driver or rider if they were not being safe. In the moment it may be hard to think that far ahead, but it is important for the preservation of a potential legal claim you may make for compensation for your injuries. If the crash involved another vehicle or bike, call the police and wait until they arrive. Frederick, MD bike accident lawyer will tell you that taking your surroundings into consideration is important if you want to take your case to court. Get copies of the driver’s vehicle insurance, and get the names of any witnesses. Take photographs of your bicycle and, if you can, avoid repairing it until after you decide whether you will file a lawsuit. It may be important evidence of what happened in the crash.


Bike crashes are more than just scraped knees and palms. They can be life-altering and deserve serious attention and concern. Be careful out there and, if you are in a crash, and you believe you may have a legal claim against someone else, call an experienced bike law attorney to discuss your case.

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